10 Weird, Wonderful Scented Candles We’re Dying to Smell

Joanna Gaines may be supremely busy—juggling her Magnolia empire with husband Chip along with five kids and the holidays—but she still finds time to post cute quips on Instagram. Take, for instance, one of her latest about how we should all buy a bread machine this Christmas. The reason? “The smell of fresh bread alone is worth it. #itshouldbeacandle.”

candle scents

Do you see the makings of a candle here?


That got us wondering: Is there a candle scented like fresh bread? After all, lighting a match is far easier than kneading bread dough for ages, getting all floury and sticky, and then waiting and waiting for it to rise (twice!!).

Furthermore, the scent of pumpkin spice was an incredibly popular candle (at Magnolia Market, no less) last year. Might a bread-scented candle take its place for this holiday season?

Apparently it could. A quick search online turned up tons of candles that smell like bread! Check out one option below. The description of this gluten-unfriendly product alone is worth its $15.40 price: “Fresh-baked baguette, warm from the oven, with the scent of butter melting over a crunchy crust.” Yum!

candle scents

Fresh from the Mason jar


And that’s not where this story ends. It turns out there are tons of candles out there scented with the aromas of comfort foods. There are also a slew of far more questionably scented candles that you may never want to take a match to (but that might make the perfect white elephant present). So in case you need some fun Christmas gift ideas, check out this roundup of surprisingly scented candles.

Krispy Kreme

candle scents

It doesn’t melt in your mouth. It just melts.


Need to stop scarfing down holiday sweets? Perhaps breathing in the scent of this candle for $6.80 will feed that craving.


candle scents

A perfect complement to your “eggs” candle.


Perhaps no food smell beats out sizzling, frying, crispy bacon. If you want to wake up, fall asleep, and perhaps take a bubble bath to the smell of smoky, fatty pork, check out this $13.99 candle, which can burn for 45 hours and comes with a wooden wick that’ll make a crackling sound reminiscent of what happens in a frying pan.

New York–style pizza

candle scents

Does it come in pineapple and ham?


Why breathe in the scent of freshly baked bread when you could up the ante to pizza? This $3.95 candle is even specifically geared to New York–style pizza. Apparently no one has invented a pizza candle with notes of Chicago deep-dish, yet.

Dill pickles

candle scents

A perfect side for your sandwich?


At $11.99, the dill pickle candle is advertised as a way for lazy fathers to satisfy expectant mothers’ cravings for pickles. (Good luck with that, dads!)

Froot Loops–scented cereal bowl candle

candle scents

Do not try to eat this candle!


In case you get your candle Zen on in the morning at breakfast, this candle for $24.99 will start your day just right!

Comfort weekend in a jar

candle scents

No-pants scent? No thanks!


This $25 candle goes beyond comfort food and defines a whole comfort weekend complete with stretchy pants (or no pants at all!) and binge-watching your favorite show. We’re not sure what that smells like exactly, but we admit we’re curious to find out.

Frat house basement party

candle scents

Just … why?


Miss those days when you woke up to the smell of stale beer and sticky floors? This candle for $16.99 will bring it all back, promising  “the overwhelming smell of sweat.” Nice!


candle scents

The next best thing to a fancy, expensive candle


When all the other candle fragrances have been taken, the only one left is … dirt. “Yes, dirt-scented candles!” reads the product description. “A fabulous damp earthy scent.” At least it’s close to dirt-cheap, at $5.95.

Santa’s beard

candle scents

No word yet on Mrs. Claus’ signature scent


This $3.95 candle is described as “aftershave-scented.” Really? That’s all you’ve got? Shouldn’t a candle modeled on St. Nick’s magical beard smell like candy canes, sugarplums, and maybe a hint of eggnog?

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