5 Amazon Black Friday ‘Deals’ That Aren’t as Amazing as They Seem

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Friday isn’t here yet, but Black Friday has already begun! And Amazon, never one to sit on the sidelines of any shopping frenzy, is currently offering over 30,000 Black Friday discounts to Prime members and nonmembers alike until the bitter end of Nov. 23 at 11:59 p.m. (for all you last-minute shoppers out there).

(For those who miss out on Black Friday, Amazon will release a whole new set of deals for Round 2 of bargain shopping on Cyber Monday. So if you’re feeling sluggish after turkey day, there’s still hope.)

However, much like “doorbuster” sales at brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon’s Black Friday deals aren’t always as life-changing as they may seem. As proof, we asked a few consumer experts to point out which items in Amazon’s Black Friday selection set off “rip-off” alarms. Consider this a heads-up on which products might not save you as much money as you might think.

1. Furniture

Amazon Black Friday

Our experts suggest passing on furniture this Black Friday.


You might be happy to hear that Amazon’s Black Friday offers up to 20% off furniture, even on private-label home brands Rivet and Stone & Beam. For example, this eye-catching Chesterfield tufted sofa is on sale for $934.15—a 15% discount. While these furniture deals might seem like a bargain, our experts think otherwise.

“In general, Black Friday is not the best time to shop for furniture,” says Jon Vincent, founder of Black Friday discount tracking site EarlyBlackFriday.com.

Case in point: According to WalletHub, the average Black Friday discount comes in at 37%. So, you should aim for that discount or higher.

Vincent suggests holding onto your money until a better deal comes around, like after Christmas, when furniture retailers seriously slash prices to get rid of extra inventory.

2. Echo smart speakers

You’ll want to avoid falling into Amazon’s smart device trap.


Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s main focus for its Black Friday sale is its own product lineup. Take the flagship Echo smart speaker ($99.99), for example. If you buy two speakers, you’ll get a $30 discount.

But don’t be tempted by this slightly lower price.

“While this is a decent deal, especially if you live in a large house and have a need for two devices, the savings amount actually isn’t that rare,” notes Matthew Ross, co-owner and chief operating officer of consumer discount sites RIZKNOWS and The Slumber Yard.

It turns out, Amazon regularly discounts its Echo smart speaker throughout the year, and you can typically snag it for half price during the annual Amazon Prime Day sale in July.

3. Indoor home security cameras

This indoor home security camera system might cost you more than it’s worth.


It’s no secret that indoor home security cameras are all the rage, and Amazon is offering a $33 discount on the Blink Home Security system ($66.99). The system starter kit includes one camera as well as a hub for your home, and each additional camera costs $71.99.

This might seem like a deal, but there’s just one problem: The reviews. This particular security system has over 500 one-star reviews from unhappy homeowners. One reviewer even noted that the system was “useless,” since his home was still robbed and the intruder wasn’t caught on camera!

4. The Echo Show

We suggest passing on this Echo Show deal as well.


Essentially the video version of the Amazon Echo speaker, the Echo Show ($229.99) gives users endless possibilities around the home. Keep it in the kitchen to watch breaking news in the morning, or sync it to your security cameras or baby monitors.

And similar to the Echo speaker, this deal on the Echo Show is a bit underwhelming. Amazon is offering a $100 discount on the purchase of two Echo Show devices on Black Friday. That might seem fair, but our experts say it’s been marked down much more than that. For example, the Echo Show was offered for $129.99 during Amazon Prime Day in July—nearly 44% off.

5. Misleading sizes

Amazon Black Friday

Amazon’s deal on this faux leather bed is particularly deceiving.


Looking for a new bed frame? This faux leather platform bed is on sale for $151.99, down from $189.99. But before you click “add to cart,” make sure to read the fine print. Only the twin and full sizes are for sale!

“This is a little deceiving as a deal since not all sizes are on sale,” says Ross. So, make sure to check that the size you need is truly for a Black Friday sale—and not just with beds, but bedsheets, blankets, and other one-size-doesn’t-fit-all items.

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