5 Fall Decor Items From Chip and Joanna Gaines That Suggest They’re Off Their Rockers

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In case you haven’t heard, Chip and Joanna Gaines are here to upgrade your humble abode this season. The “Fixer Upper” stars recently released a variety of new home decor essentials to the fall line of their wildly popular home and lifestyle brand, Magnolia.

To be sure, the collection is full of standout pieces, yet there are also a few products that left us (and a handful of interior designers and other home decor experts we polled) scratching our heads. Here are some new items by Chip and Jo that you might want to bypass.

1. ‘Grateful’ script signs

Word art: an overplayed decor piece


Our experts predict this “grateful” script sign ($32, shop.magnolia.com) will hit the bargain bin before the season is over.

“Word art as decor is truly on its way out,” says Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza, brand editor at home and living site House Method.

Drew Henry, founder of Design Dudes, agrees: “These script signs are overplayed,” he says. “You can see similar decor items everywhere, from a girl’s college dorm room to grandma’s house.”

Instead, Henry suggests saving the wall space for something with more impact, like curated art or a simple mirror.

2. Birch logs

chip and joanna gaines

These birch logs scream fall, but they will do little for your decor.


When Chip and Jo renovate a home, they often use this set of birch logs ($24, shop.magnolia.com) to cozy up the fireplace. However, our design-minded experts agree that these logs are overpriced for being, well, logs.

“I’m not sure I would buy a bundle of sticks for that price,” says René Dekker of René Dekker Design Limited.

Henry adds that this accent item is not worth the purchase because the trend itself is overplayed.

“You see so many stores come out with a set of birch logs around this time of year,” he says. “I always think about how you can get this for free in someone’s yard.”

3. Teak measuring spoons

chip and joanna gaines

You’ll want to avoid having these teak measuring spoons in your kitchen.


We’re going to go out on a limb and say that you’ll probably need measuring spoons when you cook. While these wooden spoons ($26, shop.magnolia.com) have a definite modern farmhouse aesthetic, we don’t anticipate your using them to bake autumn goodies.

“The fact that they are hand-wash only makes them super impractical for any sort of regular use,” says Morgan McBride, a home and DIY expert at Charleston Crafted. They might be stylish, but the natural wood grain makes these spoons more of a hassle than they’re worth.

4. Tara lamp

chip and joanna gaines

A great lamp can boost your decor, but this lamp’s design is from a different decade.


At first glance, this Tara lamp ($128, shop.magnolia.com) looks like a sleek addition to your fall decor—even Joanna loves the industrial design. But the glossy black finish cheapens its value in your home, according to McBride.

She advises passing on this piece for something less glossy and less expensive.

“This looks like an ’80s thrift store lamp that’s been spray-painted black,” McBride says. “I don’t think that the glossy finish is trendy, especially not for $128.”

5. Wheat bundle

chip and joanna gaines

Our experts recommend leaving this wheat bundle outdoors, where it belongs.


We know Chip and Jo’s farmhouse style is on-trend, and the right accessories can naturally channel that aesthetic. But this wheat bundle ($32, shop.magonlia.com) takes it too far, says Alessandra Wood, director of style at home design site Modsy.

“Leave the wheat for the field,” Wood recommends. Otherwise, your home decor can quickly transform from farmhouse to pumpkin patch. And if you’re determined to include something outdoorsy in your home, Wood suggests using potted plants.

“Living plants are a better option as they add life to your space and purify the air,” Wood says.

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