5 Holiday Items From Chip and Joanna Gaines That Make Us Go ‘Huh?’

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Chip and Joanna Gaines are here to transform your humble abode this holiday season! The “Fixer Upper” stars recently released a variety of new home decor essentials to the Christmas line of their wildly popular home and lifestyle brand, Magnolia.

While some items in their holiday collection are bound to sell like hotcakes, not all should automatically be on your wish list. In fact, there are some products that left us (and the design-minded experts we polled) scratching our heads. Here are a few new holiday items by Chip and Jo that you might want to skip.

1. Cedar stem

Leave the branches outside, where they belong.


It’s no secret that Chip and Jo love to incorporate outdoor elements into their signature farmhouse style. However, this cedar stem ($10.50, shop.magnolia.com) is far too pricey for being, well, a stem—especially one you could clip from your own bushes (or someone else’s).

To add the cedar stem to your holiday decor, the “Fixer Upper” duo suggest trimming it to make a centerpiece, but Allen Michael, founder of home improvement site HomeViable.com, says that would cost a fortune.

“Given that you would need a multitude of these stems to make a fashionable centerpiece, this single cedar stem seems vastly overpriced,” he says.

2. ‘Magnolia Table’ decoupage ornament

A Magnolia Table ornament is just too commercial for a Christmas tree.


Even die-hard “Fixer Upper” fans might have a hard time adding this decoupage ornament ($6, shop.magnolia.com) to their shopping carts. Yes, the colors are beautifully painted, but seeing as the ornament is an obvious promotion for the Gaineses’ restaurant, Magnolia Table, it loses its charm, says Amy Wax, a color consultant and owner of Your Color Source Studios.

One side of the ornament features “Magnolia Table” written in the same script as the restaurant logo, and the other side illustrates the restaurant decorated for Christmas.

“It seems this is just an opportunity to advertise anything with the ‘Magnolia’ name on it,” Wax adds.

3. Coral bottlebrush tree

Our design experts suggest passing on this bright coral tree.


While coral is all the rage right now—Pantone just dubbed it the 2019 Color of the Year—this vibrant bottlebrush tree ($18, shop.magnolia.com) doesn’t necessarily invoke the warm and cozy feelings associated with the holidays.

In fact, at first glance, the structure and size of the tree remind Michael of something sure to dampen holiday cheer: a toilet brush.

“While first impressions aren’t everything, it’s hard to see this bright, tacky statement piece working in many homes,” he says.

4. Brass spice spoons

Chip and Joanna Gaines

You’ll want to avoid using these brass spice spoons for your holiday baking.


We’re going to go out on a limb and say you’ll probably want spice spoons for measuring sugar for Christmas cookies and mixing hot cocoa. These brass spice spoons ($24, shop.magnolia.com) might seem like a step up from your rusty holiday bakeware, but they have a major flaw: hand-wash only! We suggest opting for something more practical and less of a hassle to clean.

5. ‘PEACE’ metal sign

Word art: an overplayed trend


Script signs are seriously everywhere, from the walls of college dorm rooms to grandma’s kitchen. Luckily, this tacky trend is on its way out, and as it dies down, Michael predicts Chip and Jo’s “PEACE” metal script sign ($28.50, shop.magnolia.com) will hit the bargain bin before the New Year.

“With word art being a bit overplayed already, this sign has several things working against it,” he says.

Instead, save the wall space for something with more impact, like a family photo or a simple mirror.

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