5 of Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ That Make Us Worry She’s Off Her Rocker

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Oprah Winfrey wants to help with your holiday shopping! The media mogul recently released her 2018 List of Favorite Things—and as usual, each product was tested and picked by Winfrey herself.

While there are certainly some cool things among the 107 items she’s blessed with her stamp of approval, not all are slam dunks in terms of practicality. In fact, there are a handful of products that left us (and the home decor experts we polled) scratching our heads. Here are a few of Oprah’s favorite things that you might want to skip.

1. ‘Grow Your Own Christmas Tree’ kit

We can’t imagine waiting three to seven years for our Christmas tree to grow.


Winfrey loves the idea of watching a seed sprout into a sapling, which is why she raved about this “Grow Your Own Christmas Tree” kit ($45, amazon.com).

While growing a tree might seem like the perfect holiday tradition to start, doing so takes more patience than expected. Even a small tree for your tabletop can take three to seven years to grow, according to Anastasia Stevenson, a floral and event designer. And that’s only if you raise it right (which is a big if).

“Tabletop Christmas trees have to be carefully tended to and kept out of direct light and heat,” she notes. “Like most plants, they will need watering and feeding as well.”

Best of luck!

2. Philips indoor smokeless grill

Buyers might get roasted by this indoor smokeless grill.


Fans of grill marks on their meat might be tempted by this indoor smokeless grill ($280, philips.com). Created with advanced infrared technology, the grill claims to cook with the same consistent, high-quality temperatures of an outdoor grill.

Yet while Winfrey was somehow able to sling a burger on this grill, other reviewers didn’t have the same luck. One reviewer noted that the grill was one of the most disappointing purchases she’s made, ever.

“It took forever to grill a steak, and this grill just didn’t get hot enough. As a result, I ended up with well done instead of rare,” she writes.

3. Montes Doggett pitcher

A drab pitcher won’t add much to your home.


Is it a vase? Is it a pitcher? Even Winfrey doesn’t seem to know, writing that she selected this Montes Doggett pitcher ($198, amazon.com) for its double-duty status.

However, our design-minded folks wouldn’t recommend clearing a spot in your home (or coughing up the cash!) for this multipurpose vessel.

“Yes, it is handcrafted and it is beautiful,” Stevenson says. “However, it is certainly overpriced.”

Chase Bowler, an Ottawa-based home decor expert, agrees the price for this pitcher is far too steep. “For the price and style, I think it’s a bit drab and outdated,” he says.

4. Bamboo bedding bundle


This bamboo bedding set is incredibly overpriced.


With temperatures dropping, now is the perfect time to swap out your summer linens for cozy winter sheets, and Winfrey included this bamboo bedding bundle ($498 to $638, amazon.com) on her list for its alleged health benefits.

“This set is the softest ever and may help regulate body temperature, meaning both chilly sleepers and hot flashers can get a good night’s rest,” she writes.

Bamboo sheets are known for costing a pretty penny, but this bed set is majorly overpriced. The queen-size set costs a whopping $568! Since cheaper bamboo alternatives are out there, we say don’t waste your money.

5. Rainbow tumblers

Rainbow tumblers are not practical for everyday use.


This set of cups ($48, amazon.com) is cute, but we can’t help but think that Winfrey’s head has gone somewhere over the rainbow. These rainbow tumblers might be on trend at a party (unicorn-themed, perhaps?), but they would look out of place during regular use.

Plus, the tumblers are hand-wash only—making them impractical and a hassle to clean.

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