5 Totally New Ikea Items Bound for Greatness in 2019—and 2 That Will Bomb

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Attention, home shoppers: The 2019 Ikea catalog has arrived! This annual bible of budget-friendly furnishings marks a special occasion this year—it’s the Swedish megachain’s 75th anniversary. And, true to form, this 286-page catalog is packed with so many brand-new products, some might find it hard to pick.

This is especially true since, let’s face it, Ikea’s offerings can be bargain furnishings at their very best—or real clunkers that are hair-tearingly hard to assemble that then quickly fall apart. So, to help you separate the good from the bad, we got designers to rifle through this catalog’s pages and point out which new items they’d predict are bound for greatness—as well as those that are bound to bomb.

What to buy

1. Gradvis vase

2019 Ikea Catalog

This dusty pink vase can hold flowers or stand alone as a decoration.


A great accent accessory can bring out a room’s best attributes. Upgrade your home quickly (and cheaply!) with this stylish Gradvis vase ($7.99, Ikea.com).

“This vase is really on trend,” says Drew Henry, founder of Designer Dudes. “I love the shape and the dusty pink pastel finish.”

Plus, shoppers can snag this piece for a bargain compared with designer look-alikes, according to Henry. “It looks like a lot of higher-end items I’ve seen at stores like West Elm,” he says.

2. Nissedal mirror

2019 Ikea Catalog

A versatile mirror is a staple for any home.


Cheryl Eisen, a luxury designer and CEO of Interior Marketing Group in New York City, recommends this timeless white mirror ($49.99, Ikea.com).

“Interior design and staging are all about playing tricks on the eye, and [this] piece doubles the visual square footage of any room,” she says.

While the Nissedal mirror comes in more than one size, this particular style can be hung vertically or horizontally—whatever looks best in your space.

3. Stocksund sofa

2019 Ikea Catalog

High legs and a classic print are the selling points for this sofa.


The 2019 version of this traditional sofa ($599, Ikea.com) is available only in stores, but Henry says it’s worth the drive to your closest Ikea location.

“I love the bold fabric choice and the fact that the legs are a little higher,” he says. “I think this would be a great focal point for a living room.”

The tailored cover with piping and pleats adds a modern flair to a classic couch, and being able to see under the sofa will make your room feel bigger.

Bonus: The thick, pocket-spring cushions create a comfy spot to watch a movie or take a nap.

4. Bjurksnas queen bed frame

2019 Ikea Catalog

The Scandinavian style on this bed frame is increasingly popular.


This minimalist frame ($429, Ikea.com) is built from natural materials, and its Scandinavian look isn’t going away anytime soon, says Alessandra Wood, interior design expert and director of style at home design site Modsy.

“The subtle accents, like those leather straps and beautiful birch wood, give it a little more personality and can still make a statement” she says.

Although Henry agrees that the frame is reasonably priced and boasts a unique style, he warns that it might not be great if you like to lean on your headboard while, say, watching TV: “The headboard doesn’t look like it will offer any support.”

5. Havsen apron sink

2019 Ikea Catalog

Upgrade your kitchen with this apron sink.


The thick edges and simple design of this Havsen sink ($186, Ikea.com) caught the eye of Suzanne Falk of Suzanne Falk Interior Design, in Riverwoods, IL.

“It looks like a solid, white farm sink for a great price,” she says.

The sink’s all-white detail can add a traditional look to any kitchen, plus it can be built into an island. And thanks to its easy-to-clean ceramic surface, you won’t be stuck scrubbing away grime after a meal.

What not to buy

Our interior designers also scanned all the products and picked out the pieces that they think don’t belong in your home. In terms of comfort, quality, and what’s going to boost your space to the next level, these are the two items our experts say might not be smart buys:

1. Videbak rug

2019 Ikea Catalog

A rug should accent a room, but this model might curb your creativity.


Henry thinks a rug can add dimension to any room—but not when the colors are distracting from your other well-curated pieces. Unfortunately, this Videbak rug ($149, Ikea.com) dominates a space.

“The pattern and colors on this rug feel way too specific for me,” he says. “Once you purchase it, you would be pretty much confined to just these colors.”

Plus, once the colors are out of style, you’d have to redo the entire room. Instead, Henry suggests opting for a neutral rug with texture rather than color. This way, you can still set a mood for the room, but you can achieve a softer feel that draws guests’ eyes up instead of down.

2. Franklin bar stools

2019 Ikea Catalog

A stool needs to be sturdy, and these don’t look like they can hold much weight.


We’re going to go out on a limb and say that you wouldn’t want your foldable chairs to collapse underneath your guests. These Franklin bar stools ($29.99, Ikea.com) might be easy to fold and store, but they don’t look like they can support a lot of weight.

“I would not trust my body to sit on that as a bar stool!” says Falk, who advises against purchasing these for your next family get-together or game night.

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