7 Home Pizza Ovens Worth Drooling Over, With Special Guest Star Phil Rosenthal

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Built-in barbecues aren’t exactly passé, but they might be a bit overdone. The truly mouthwatering amenity for food lovers these days is a custom pizza oven.

For starters, these ovens are popular because they churn out delicious pies with a perfect crust. They’re also great for folks who love to entertain: A home chef can customize each pie, slide it into an 800-plus-degree oven, and please a crowd with a tasty reveal just moments later.

Just ask Phil Rosenthal—creator, show runner, and executive producer of the popular sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” He’s currently the star of the delectable documentary series “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix.

Rosenthal has the enviable task of traveling the globe to dine in delicious eateries, both grand and humble, and hobnob with the people who create marvelous meals.

He’s tasted pizza all over the world—but believes nothing rivals the product made in his own oven.

Phil Rosenthal and his home pizza oven

Lisa Johnson Mandell

He’s bragging only about the quality of the finished pies, not his supreme culinary skills. Rosenthal is an investor in Nancy Silverton‘s Mozza Pizzeria, which won Silverton a coveted James Beard award in 2014.

A fan of delectable food, Rosenthal had an exact replica of a Mozza pizza oven built in his Hancock Park kitchen. When he invites guests over for movie nights, a Mozza chef comes over and cooks for the crowd. Sweet!

Mozza Pizzeria chef in Rosenthal’s kitchen

Lisa Johnson Mandell

Although his pizza oven is inside the house, Rosenthal is also a big fan of the outdoor models.

“They’re way more reasonable, they’re certainly more space-efficient, and there are a lot of good ones out there. You don’t have to have the one I have,” he says.

We asked Rosenthal how he knows whether his guests are coming over to see him, or to eat his pizza.

“That’s a very good question,” he says. “I doubt that people like me as much as they like the pizza. I’m not sure I like me as much as the pizza.”

If you’d like to visit other homes with their own ovens, we’ve found seven lovely homes where you can cheese it up on the regular.

729 E Shoreline Dr, Post Falls, ID

Price: $1,895,000 Toppings: Talk about a slice of heaven—this gorgeous five-bedroom home is right on the Spokane River, so water activities are just a few steps from the back door. So is piping hot pizza, as there’s a commercial-grade pizza oven and kitchen on the large patio. Enjoy your pepperoni while taking in views of the emerald green lawn and the river beyond.

Post Falls, ID



6365 Franklin Trail Dr, El Paso, TX 

Price: $339,800 Toppings: Barbecue chicken pizza would be an ideal treat baked in the wood-burning pizza oven in the backyard of this reasonably priced Texas home. The covered patio features a pergola, and the interior of the four-bedroom home looks brand-new.

El Paso, TX



20333 Reigate Rd, Topanga, CA

Price: $2,845,500 Toppings: Not only is this Topanga Canyon hacienda a pizza lover’s dream, it’s also a horse lover’s dream. The home sits on 10.5 acres filled with lush gardens, courtyards, fenced-in corrals, and riding trails. The main residence—built in a Spanish Colonial Revival style—features colorful tile just about everywhere you look, even the patio holding the pizza oven. The covered pavilion can shelter dozens of hungry pizza eaters.

Topanga, CA



11263 Derosnec Dr, Oakton, VA

Price: $1,299,000 Toppings: This Colonial-style home has something unexpected out back—a stone porch with a pizza oven, as well as a full kitchen. The stately, three-story home with multipaned windows and formal living and dining rooms doesn’t exactly scream “pizza party”—which makes the backyard a delicious surprise.

Oakton, VA



12348 E Gail Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 

Price: $1,795,000 Toppings: The backyard pizza oven is one of the many splendors of this architectural masterpiece, the personal residence of a custom home builder. The outdoor entertainment space includes a full kitchen, living room, and heated saltwater pool with swim-up bar and spa.

Scottsdale, AZ



1050 Olive Hill Ln, Napa, CA

Price: $8,900,000 Toppings: Pizza and wine go together like cheese and pepperoni. So what Napa Valley vineyard estate would be complete without a stone pizza oven? You can create pizza to go with your wine, or wine to go with your pizza! The main residence is an elaborate French-style farmhouse and comes with a 1,000-bottle wine and dining cave, bocce court, and outdoor kitchen.

Napa, CA



81 Bell Xing W, Stevensville, MT

Price: $6,000,000 Toppings: This 181-acre property with a luxe lodge could easily serve as a high-end corporate retreat. There’s a custom-built pizza oven in the entertainment pavilion nestled against the creek, as well as the 11,088-square-foot main house.

Stevensville, MT


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