8 Absurdly Brilliant Solutions for Pet-Proofing a Christmas Tree


Leaving a particularly rambunctious pet unsupervised around a Christmas tree is just asking for a disaster to occur. A shiny ornament hanging on the lower branch of the tree looks like a toy just made for a cat to claw—until the whole tree topples over. And what if the dog gets thirsty and goes for the water in the tree stand? An emergency trip to the vet could be in your future. It doesn’t matter if the tree is artificial or real; if your pets fancy it, they will get their claws on it.

To keep their furry friends safe—and not have to forgo a Christmas tree inside the home—pet owners have to compromise and get creative. How exactly are they keeping their homes disaster-free during the holidays?

Below are the most outrageously brilliant ways people are pet-proofing their Christmas trees.

1. Put it somewhere the pets can’t reach

My buddy decided to child-proof his Xmas tree… (OC)

This homeowner pulled a gravity-defying move and chose to mount the Christmas tree to the ceiling, far away from any curious critters. Bonus points for getting the lights and the star topper to actually work.

2. Surround it with vacuum cleaners

Our dog keeps eating ornaments. This is our solution. from r/funny

Many pets consider the vacuum cleaner a mortal enemy. Why? The loud noise is unsettling and makes them feel in danger, so the mere sight of the vacuum can cause them to retreat. Using that logic, these homeowners surrounded their Christmas tree with vacuum cleaners to ward off their dog. Is it mean? Kind of. Effective? You bet.

3. Settle for a half-tree

pet-proof christmas trees

A slightly unconventional solution to your cat problem.

Instagram.com/ bellaspetparentday

Sick of your cats clawing at your ornaments? Consider the half-tree, an unconventional but productive solution.

4. Fence it in

Marty the Schnauzer is not impressed.

Instagram.com/ martytheschnauzer

Put your dog’s pen to use! This smart homeowner did just that to keep Marty the Schnauzer from doing his business on the tree. Marty is not impressed, but his owner is hopefully enjoying a pee-free home.

5. Weigh it down

pet-proof Christmas trees

A concrete block will hold it down.

Instagram.com/ bigmoosedogtraining

To prevent the tree from toppling over due to curious animals swiping at the branches, anchor it with a concrete block like this smart pet owner did. The ugly weight can be hidden under a tree skirt, and your pets will be none the wiser.

6. Don’t take it out of the netting

pet-proof Christmas tree

This is one (sad) way to compromise having cats and a Christmas tree in the same house.

Instagram.com/ fliffles

The pets in this home don’t even get the option to swipe at errant branches this year. In another effective (albeit sad) solution, the owners decided to keep the tree in its netting so the branches stay tightly wrapped up.

7. Work the fence into the decor

pet-proof Christmas tree

A festive way to pet-proof a home.

Instagram.com/ jordan.trantham

Now this is what we call meeting in the middle! Bravo to this homeowner who masterfully worked the doggy gate into the decor surrounding the Christmas tree. Now let’s hope those presents are also safe from destruction.

8. Accept defeat

Time to drag out the cat proof Christmas tree again… from r/funny

If your pets refuse to leave your tree alone, it may be time to put up the white flag and do what these weary pet owners did: Build a tree you know your cat or dog will hate. It’s like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, only 10 times sadder, but it’s better than having shattered ornaments, cat urine, or a sick pup on your hands.

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