Chrissy Teigen’s Favorite Cookware, Revealed: 6 Items to Grab Now

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Chrissy Teigen can now add “designer” to her extensive résumé. The former model and “Lip Sync Battle” star’s latest project (other than breaking the Internet with her tweets) is called Cravings, a kitchen and tableware collection that will be sold exclusively at Target in collaboration with her newly released cookbook, “Cravings: Hungry for More.”

You can already see all 42 items in the collection online, but you can’t officially shop the goods until Sept. 30. The line features everything Teigen uses in her own kitchen, from colorful prep tools to vintage serving dishes, all for a budget-friendly price.

Curious if these items were up to snuff, we asked interior decor experts to weigh in on Teigen’s collection—and they went nuts.

“Chrissy did a fantastic job of creating everyday elegance aligned with current design trends and colors,” says Jenny Hester, a home designer with Jenny Leigh Design. Consider this a sneak peek of the new goods that will sell out fast.

1. Enameled Dutch oven

chrissy teigen

Our designers can’t get enough of this easy-to-use Dutch oven.

The design experts we talked to agreed that Teigen’s cast-iron, enameled Dutch oven ($49.99, will fly off the shelves. It’s made to withstand all kitchen activities, from stovetop cooking to serving. Plus, the shades of blue and touch of brass are a great accent.

“The champagne gold detail visually warms up the chrome,” says Dana Mitchell of Dana Mitchell Interiors in Scarsdale, NY.

“The biggest appeal to me is that it’s safe for ceramic induction cooktop stoves,” says Lyndsey Dee, an interior design expert at Sunday Home. “There shouldn’t be a worry about scratching the stove’s surface.”

Interior designer Jill Shobe agrees. “This enameled Dutch oven is a fantastic value,” says the owner of Jill Shobe Interiors in Ramsey, NJ.

2. Wood salad serving set

chrissy teigen

Made from durable acacia wood, this salad serving set will elevate your presentation.

Details matter in your kitchen decor, and home designer Christina Giaquinto recommends adding this two-piece wood salad serving set ($9.99, to your utensil collection.

“This wood salad serving set has an elegant touch of champagne gold that blends beautifully with the wood base,” she says. “It’s one of those designs that turns something ordinary into something worth discussing.”

3. Tidbit bowls with wood tray

chrissy teigen

Use these tidbit bowls when serving guests, or add them to your holiday decor.

Nicola Croughan would put these tidbit bowls ($24.99, on display in her own home—especially when sharing snacks with guests.

“This set has a real artisanal feel with its soft neutral tones, which evoke a feeling of home and comfort,” the interior designer notes.

Hester is also obsessed with this bowl and tray combo and suggests using it to upgrade your holiday decorations.

“With the flexibility to be used together or individually, you have options and multiple uses,” she says. “The colors are not only perfect for everyday use year-round, but will easily coordinate with and complement almost any holiday décor.”

4. White stoneware collection

chrissy teigen

Simplify your kitchen with this vintage collection.

Looking to add a simple touch to your kitchen? Nothing does the trick better than an all-white stoneware serving set ($4.99 to $19.99, Teigen’s collection includes bowls, mugs, plates, and a pitcher, and Giaquinto loves the textured, vintage look.

White gives a kitchen a cozy feel,” she adds. “This set helps bring that feeling to life.”

Tina Ramchandani, an interior designer from Tina Ramchandani Creative in New York City, also thinks this serving set is a steal. “A beautiful, affordable, white earthenware set like this is so hard to find,” she says.

5. Serrated Santoku knife

chrissy teigen

Even Chrissy Teigen herself uses this serrated Santoku knife.

Teigen calls this particular knife her go-to, and our design experts can see why. The serrated Santoku knife ($14.99, is extremely versatile, according to Michaeline Fernandez, an interior designer in Denville, NJ.

“I love that it serves double duty as a tomato slicer, which are the hardest things ever to cut properly,” she says. ”

Dee adds that the knife’s serrated edge is useful for cutting bread as well as meat.

“This sounds like it will be the Cadillac of knives and the answer to kitchen prayers,” she says.

6. Stainless-steel wok

chrissy teigen

This timeless wok is one of the pieces in Teigen’s stainless-steel collection.

The champagne gold finish on this stainless-steel wok ($59.99, adds a note of luxury to the kitchen, says Giaquinto. “It’s the perfect mix of colors to create an elegant kitchenware product.”

And the cherry on top? The wok is part of Teigen’s stainless-steel cookware collection, which also includes matching sauce and sauté pans.

Amberlee Isabella, a retail designer at Amberlee Isabella Home, predicts that millennial shoppers will add these pieces to their shopping carts ASAP.

“It not only looks amazing but is corrosion- and wear-resistant,” she says.

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