Do You Dare Enter Any of These 10 Abandoned Homes for Sale?

For those committed to the spooky spirit of Halloween, we’ve managed to scare up 10 abandoned homes currently for sale. We’re well aware that none of these homes are what most would call “beautiful”—in fact, many of us would only walk inside on a double-dog dare.

However, this is the time of year to embrace those goosebumps and little hairs raised on the back of your neck. Many of these forlorn homes are actually too dangerous even to enter, but the pictures alone will give even the toughest haunted house veteran a case of the willies.

It’s the little things left behind that make these places truly haunting. Baby stuff, old furniture, even the trash, hint at a time when these places were vibrant, bustling homes—until something went awry.

The upside to these eerie vibes? Many of these properties are bargain priced, and you can use all your powers to bring them back from the half-dead.

So break out the fun-sized candy, press play on your Halloween Spotify mix, and tour these abandoned residences for a monster good time.

33 Parker Rd, Sanford, NY

Price: $69,000 Remodel, interrupted: Built in 1970, this three-bedroom ranch home was well on its way to being turned into something special, when the owners abruptly changed their minds and split. Now overgrown weeds greet anyone brave enough to set foot on the property. But once you step inside, you’ll find a kitchen that’s nearly finished and hardwood floors in most rooms. A full bath has already been stripped down to the studs and is ready for an upgrade. The acre-plus lot sits at the base of mountains, making this a special little retreat with nearly limitless potential.

Exterior of abandoned home in Standford, NY

Stanford, NY


4820 Indian Head Hwy, Indian Head, MD

Price: $105,100 Enter at your own risk: Built in 1942, this abandoned home overtaken by Mother Nature isn’t safe to enter. It sits on a half-acre lot, and another adjacent full acre is available for $60,000. The grassy lot is a lovely backdrop to the home, which has been ravaged by weather and the elements. The listing suggests that potential buyers consult an expert about the possibility of salvaging the home.

Abandoned home in Indian Head, MD

Indian Head, MD


1393 Halo Dr, River Falls, WI

Price: $165,000 Tear-down farm: This abandoned over 23-acre farm has several buildings, all of which are in various states of disrepair. There’s even a car stuck in the midst of an overgrown field to add to the creepy frozen-in-time vibe.

abandoned farm in River Falls, WI

River Falls, WI


5755 Roy Cooper Ln, Cedar Grove, NC

Price: $89,900 Termites, spiders, and trash—oh my!: What was once a family compound is now a home for all sorts of bugs and wildlife. The over 2-acre lot includes a block home, which the listing says is “loaded with termites, spiders, rotted out floors, trash, and debris,” and a double-wide trailer. Fix it up, scrap it all, or maybe just burn lots of sage—the choice is up to you.

Abandoned compound in Cedar Grove, NC

Cedar Grove, NC


731 E F St, Newton, NC

Price: $10,000 Creep-tastic cottage: This two-bedroom bungalow was built in 1900, but is no longer safe to survey because of its collapsed floors and falling roof. There’s also a “walk-in partial crawl space” that’s probably not much safer. There are also piles of trash, including furniture, baby equipment, and old mattresses wrapped in overgrown vines, giving the whole property a decidedly haunted vibe.

Abandoned house in Newton, NC

Newton, NC


1 Dido Ave, Lucerne Valley, CA

Price: $24,950 Abandoned cabin: This 400-square-foot abandoned cabin sits on 5 windswept desert acres. The current owner is willing to carry with only $10,000 down and negotiable terms, making it a bargain for anyone who doesn’t get a little freaked out by being stuck out in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned cabin.

abandoned cabin in Lucerne Valley Ca

Lucerne Valley, CA


8260 Fairplay Rd, Somerset, CA

Price: $749,000 Condition unknown: This gorgeous 60-acre parcel sits in the Fair Play American Viticultural Area and has three ponds, meadows with walnut and oak trees, and views. The home on the property was built in 1888, and has been neglected for years. The listing adds that the current condition of the home is unknown, and that anyone who enters does so at their own risk.

abandoned home in Somerset, CA

Somerset, CA


504/502 Jones St, Sumter, SC 

Price: $19,900 Bare bones: Don’t visit in the dark. This brick house with boarded-up windows is a stripped-down two-bedroom, 662-square-foot structure. The price also includes a vacant, unimproved adjacent lot. It’ll take a daring buyer.

Abandoned home in Sumter SC

Sumter, SC


43369 Mountain View Ln, Burns, OR

Price: $179,000 Spooky ranch: This fenced 217-acre parcel has never been occupied by its current owner. To amp up the fright factor, it includes a manufactured home of which the contents are unknown. The land could be used to build a dream home, hobby ranch, or even a haunted house and corn maze.

abandoned home in Burns or

Burns, OR


1361 Mt Vernon Ave, Mays Landing, NJ

Price: $28,500 WARNING, unstable: This bungalow built in 1938 is a complete tear-down project, and buyers are warned in the listing that the home doesn’t have a stable foundation or or ceiling. The real value is in the land, a quarter-acre lot perfumed with clumps of wild lavender.

abandoned home in Mays Landing, NJ

Mays Landing, NJ

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