Drew Barrymore’s Crazy-Affordable Furniture Line Will Knock Your Socks Off

Giving a room a fresh feel can be as simple as adding one or two colorful and eye-catching pieces. But where can you find unique furnishings and home accessories that provide that welcome pop of personality but won’t pummel your bank account? Drew Barrymore, in her new role as design maven, has the solution.

The “50 First Dates” star created the Flower Home collection (available exclusively at Walmart and its partners Jet and Hayneedle), which features more than 200 enchanting and whimsical items that will take your spaces from blah to beautiful but won’t break the bank.

Interior designers agree the collection will appeal to a wide array of tastes and budgets.

Karen Gray-Plaisted, founder of New York–based home staging and decorating company Design Solutions KGP, says she can see the pretty yet practical pieces “being a hit with a lot of different decorating styles.”

If you’re ready to give your home some seriously cool character, check out some of our affordable favorites.

What’s not to love about this love seat?

The cozy love seat’s cover is 45% linen and 55% cotton for an extra-soft combo.


More than just a comfy place to sit, this vintage floral love seat ($699) brings a fun and feminine touch to any room. While it evokes a retro vibe, its flower power is actually fashion-forward.

“Big flowers are trending in decor, and this little love seat could be the perfect addition to update a room with its fresh floral design, simple legs, and unstuffiness,” says Gray-Plaisted.

Where would it work best? Drew Henry, founder of San Antonio, TX–based Design Dudes, says, “This would be the perfect seating option for an entryway, sun porch, or it could even work in a bedroom. I think the scale is probably too small to be incorporated into a living room, unless it’s a small apartment space.”

Side table takes center stage

Each piece is unique due to the handmade glazing process.


Putting the “fun” in “functional,” this sweet side table ($95) will do more than hold your coffee—it’ll have guests begging to know where you found it. At 3 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height, each table is handmade and therefore unique.

“Every room needs a bold accent piece, and this side table is just that,” Henry says. “The pink background combined with the black flower stamps makes for a really bright and unique piece. I also love the simple cylindrical shape.”

How can you show it off to its full advantage?

“This piece would be perfect for a living room side table, bedroom nightstand, or even look great on a patio,” says Henry. “It could definitely be incorporated into eclectic decor schemes, but I think it would also work well as the artful accent piece in more simple modern schemes.”

An asymmetrical mirror

Drew Barrymore thinks of everything: Hanging hardware is included.


This asymmetrical mirror ($79) is definitely whimsical, says Henry, who adds that it stands out from the rest of Barrymore’s collection, which is a bit more traditional, albeit eclectic.

“I would probably only incorporate this piece into more modern rooms,” says Henry. “I think it would compete too much among some of the florals and bright colors in this collection. That being said, I think it would be an amazing piece for an entryway in a modern home. I would pair with a console and modern brass accents to bring out the frame.”

A gorgeous pendant lamp

This gorgeous fixture includes one 6-watt LED Edison bulb.


“These glass pendant lights ($62) are great, especially for the price,” says Henry. “They have a really unique handmade feel. I think these would look amazing framing a mirror in an entryway, defining a reading corner with an accent chair and table, or even as kitchen pendants above an island.”

If green (shown above) isn’t your thing, don’t worry. They also come in teal, purple, wine, and gold.

A showy shower curtain

Brighten up your bathroom with this beauty.


Skip the paint job and pedestal sink—all your bathroom needs to feel fresh again is this vintage palm shower curtain ($25). If you’re into making sure everything matches, you’ll be glad to know Barrymore’s designed bedding (a three-piece quilt set, $65) to continue and complete the look.

“I love this shower curtain,” says Henry. “I think it is a great combination of both feminine and masculine, as well as natural patterns and modern lines. This could be that perfect compromise item in the couple’s master bath. I also love the color combination of the yellow and peach.”

A vase more stunning than its contents

Crafted from iron, this vase is built to last.


Even when it isn’t filled with greenery, this Jamaican yellow floor vase ($59) makes a bold statement. At 12 inches in diameter and 27 inches in height, it’s so tall and striking your other vases will seem boring by comparison.

“This vase is the epitome of color trends that we will be seeing more of in 2020,” says Gray-Plaisted. “This rich turmeric color is now dominating the runways and will be showing up in homes. I like that the vase is crafted from iron and has the textural pattern on it. I can see this vase fitting into traditional, midcentury, and even farmhouse-styled homes. Very universal.”

A trio of boho-style baskets

The boho-chic baskets hold everything from magazines and toys to blankets and books.


Can you ever have enough storage? The answer is no, and especially when it doubles as decor. This hand-woven, macrame three-piece basket set ($60) is available in natural, natural and black, natural and charcoal, and natural and taupe, so it can either blend with decor or stand out depending on your preference.

“Every room becomes more interesting with texture, and this set of baskets can do just that,” says Gray-Plaisted. “I like that they have been done in different colors, each again fitting into various styled homes. The sizes of these baskets are good for holding magazines, collecting the extra things that tend to hang out in a room, or even sporting a potted plant. How adorable would they be in a child’s room holding toys?”

A stylish spot for Rover

This bed is sized for small or medium pets up to 75 pounds.


Our furry family members deserve a cozy spot to curl up, and this marble wood frame pet bed ($149) is sure to become Fido’s favorite place to chill.

“What pet wouldn’t be proud to claim this as their bed?” asks Gray-Plaisted. “It’s almost regal! It’s always nice to give your pet a place they can have as their own space in a room. Why not make sure it is decorative as well as utilitarian?”

Ready to redecorate? So are we.

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