Drew Barrymore’s Line of Kids Furniture Is So Cute It Hurts—and It’s Full of Surprises

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Drew Barrymore has released a kids’ furniture line that’s genius for an insanely simple reason: It actually looks like kids’ furniture.

Called Flower Kids, the line of 100-plus beds, dressers, and other furnishings (available exclusively at Walmart and its partners Jet and Hayneedle) bucks the prevailing trend where kids’ rooms are decorated to look all grown up. Come on, they’re kids! Give ’em rainbows or giraffes, for Pete’s sake.

Interior designers agree that the former “E.T.” child star’s colorful collection is a delightful departure from the mature/monochromatic trends dominating kids furniture today.

“As adults it’s easy to forget what made us really joyful as kids,” says Ellie Mroz, interior designer at Ellie Mroz Design. “As an adult, we often crave the monotone calm that we have been seeing in the design world these past few seasons. But kids react to the bright, the unexpected, the fun that I see in Drew’s line. I think it’s important to remember that even if a home’s overall tone is calm, serene, and ‘adult,’ it’s OK to depart a bit in your kids’ rooms. Their rooms should feel like an extension of their personalities, and I think Drew had really captured that here.”

Take a look at some of Barrymore’s kids furniture that will appeal to children and grown-ups alike:

A bed that doubles as a playhouse

Why didn't someone think of this when we were kids?

Why didn’t someone think of this when we were kids?


Available in natural pine or petal pink, this cottage house bed ($299, twin; $329, full) may just make bedtime less of a battle. Who wouldn’t want to climb into this adorable creation, complete with its very own window?

While the mattress isn’t included, anti-tip safety hardware is, so grown-ups can rest assured this cottage is sturdy enough to withstand little monkeys jumping on the bed.

“I absolutely love the pink cottage house bed frame,” says Kerri Pilchik of K+K Interior Design. “It’s like a playhouse without having to have an actual playhouse in often-small kids’ rooms. My daughter would die to have this in her room—entertainment for hours!”

An alligator that ‘eats’ toys

Who needs a pet when you have this gator in the playroom?


Want to encourage kids to put their toys away? This alligator upholstered storage ottoman ($149) will do the trick. The lid includes safety hinges so this gator won’t take a bite out of tiny fingers while kids open and close this toy chest that does double duty as a footrest.

Barrymore has thought of everything: The lid features breathing holes so if kids decide to hide inside the storage area, they’re not without oxygen.

More good news: You can add this piece to your home, without having to go full-on reptile.

“It’s important to remember that you don’t have to commit to the entire ‘theme’ when furnishing a kid’s room,” notes Mroz. “You can inject ‘Mr. Alligator’ or a ton of fun throw pillows or bedding without going over the top. A nice, neutral rug will ground even the most rainbow-adorned room.”

A rainbow headboard

Somewhere under the rainbow, kids are sleeping soundly we hope.


This rainbow headboard ($149 twin; $159 full) is ready to brighten up any room. You can paint your walls nearly any shade, and this piece will serve as a colorful complement. The headboard’s legs feature threaded inserts, allowing them to easily attach to a standard bed frame (not included), while plastic glides prevent floor damage. Select sheets from anywhere on the color spectrum, and you’re good to go.

A shelf in the shape of a giraffe

Staggered shelving lets kids display their favorite items.


If you’re hoping to inspire a little organization, this giraffe wall shelf ($68) can assist. From books to car collections, kids can display their faves. Available in the hues of mac ‘n’ cheese or marshmallow, this shelf is quick and easy to hang, thanks to the included hardware. If your little one prefers other majestic creatures or wants to start a menagerie, Flower Kids offers whale, elephant, or alligator shelves at the same price.

Wall art that’s an ode to Mom

This print is a colorful ode to Mom that comes framed and protected by glass.


If it looks like this sweet “All About My Mom” print ($36) was created by a young artist, that’s because it was. Barrymore told “House Beautiful” that this heartfelt homage is an actual note her daughter had given as a birthday present.

“This piece is probably the one that makes me cry the most,” the proud mom said. “It’s very emotional.”

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