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Fans love the award-winning HBO series “Big Little Lies” for a number of reasons, not least of which is the drop-dead gorgeous real estate. Some have even argued that the mansions depicted on the Northern California coast are equally as alluring as the A-list cast, which includes Nicole Kidman (who won an Emmy for her role last year), Reese Witherspoon, and Meryl Streep.

The drama focuses on the tart and tenuous relationships of complicated women and their families in scenic Monterey, and many of the plot twists take place inside their multimillion-dollar properties. But if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in, say, the seaside abode of Witherspoon’s uppity character, Madeline Martha Mackenzie, now’s your chance to find out.

The actual house that was used for filming is available to rent for a vacation—or longer! Imagine eating around the same kitchen island where Witherspoon uttered one of the most noteworthy lines of the series: “Bruises heal, but stigmas last a lifetime.”

The cost to rent a ‘Big Little Lies’ home

Although the show takes place in Northern California, the Mackenzies’ remarkable seven-bed, eight-bath house is located on Malibu’s Broad Beach, in Southern California. According to the vacation rental website, a short stay will set you back $3,000 to $5,000 per night, while a long-term lease costs a whopping $70,000 to 100,000 per month.

After drooling over the photos, we had tons of questions about this luxury home. To get the inside scoop, we spoke with Stacie Clunies-Ross, the leasing agent for the home—who is also the owners’ daughter. She revealed to us the design changes that production made, how many curious fans actually stop by, and what it’s really like to live in a home on TV.

Big Little Lies

“Big Little Lies” kitchen

What changes were made to the house?

According to Clunies-Ross, the crew of “Big Little Lies” used the inside and outside of the house for three months to shoot the first season of the show. And while they made some dramatic decor changes, they ultimately left the home better than they found it. New paint, wallpaper, and fixtures brought the home up to Witherspoon’s character’s standards—and the owners loved those changes so much, they kept them. That made set design much easier when the crew came back a few years later to shoot Season 2.

Do fans ever drive by?

With the house getting so much screen time, you might think it would be overrun with fans hoping to snap a photo.

“We do get a few looky-loos every now and then,” says Clunies-Ross. But the most recognizable elements of the house—including the oceanfront backyard, where many of the scenes between Witherspoon and her TV husband, played by Adam Scott, take place—are barely visible to the public, so trespassing isn’t an issue, she explains.

Has the show brought in more renters?

Interestingly enough, Clunies-Ross says the media exposure has not really affected the home’s rental bookings, which are fueled more by the enclave’s own merits than adoration of the show.

“People who are interested in it from the shows are more likely just to want to find it and take pictures,” she notes. Understandably, the high price tag puts it out of most casual enthusiasts’ price range.

What’s it like to live in a home on TV?

The owners, who are both in their 80s, live in the house when it’s not occupied by film crews or vacationers. And while it might sound like a hassle to move in and out so frequently, Clunies-Ross says her parents have moving down to a science.

When they’re in residence, they mostly use just one bedroom, the kitchen, and the living areas on the main floor. When the home is in use by production, they put their personal items in a locked closet and go on vacation—from their vacation home.

The allure is in the details

So why is everyone, from location scouts to wealthy renters, so gaga over the home? It’s all about the chef’s kitchen, breezy floor plan, and killer ocean view. It’s equipped with granite counters, Viking appliances, and a spacious dining room.

In addition, there’s plenty of space to accommodate a large group; the entire property sleeps 12.

And then there’s that remarkable stretch of beach just steps from the back door. Imagine enjoying the sound of the surf crashing while you soak in the hot tub on the deck or sit by the outdoor fireplace.

Take a tour of the rest of the house, below; you may even get some design ideas—that is, if coastal chic is your thing.

big little lies

Dining area with a view of the beach

Big Little Lies

Family room

big little lies

Master bedroom

Big Little Lies

Alfresco dining deck

big little lies

Outdoor fireplace

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