‘Hobbit Houses’ for Sale: 7 Listings So Precious, Bilbo Baggins Would Approve


Wish you had a “hobbit house”—you know, those quaint little lodges where Frodo, Bilbo, and other 4-foot-tall halflings lived in J.R.R. Tolkien‘s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy? Well you’re in luck: The latest niche trend in real estate listings is all about highlighting small spaces that look like they’re straight out of Middle Earth.

To qualify as a hobbit house, homes generally need a few distinct features: structures partly built into the ground, with rounded doorways, lots of stone accents, and a certain magical je ne sais quoi. Here’s a rundown of some seller-described “hobbit houses” on the market today. Just remember that to buy one you need cold, hard cash and not just magical Rings of Power.

16 Wilkinson Hollow Rd, Pawling, NY 

Price: $795,000

The deets: Tolkien superfan Jim Costigan spent six years building this eco-friendly home he dubbed “Hobbit Hollow.” The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home rocks round doors and windows. To add to the magical setting, there’s also a waterfall, pond, and a small bridge that crosses a stream. The only downside, my precious? The hobbit house doesn’t have a Certificate of Occupancy yet, so you’ll need to iron that out first, or else live there at your own risk.

Knock, knock. Is Frodo home?


Rounded hallways and even a hobbit sword above the fireplace



110 Groves Way, Port Ludlow, WA

Price: $698,000

The deets: Most hobbit houses are typically secondary dwellings next to bigger main digs. For instance, this 5-acre property boasts not only a five-bedroom, five-bath red cedar log home with expansive views of the waterfront, but an underground hobbit house as well. Hey, you never know when you’ll have a tiny guest in need of a bed.

The perfect place to house your hobbit guests


Here’s the main house, in case you want to stretch your legs.



N7391 County Road F, Menomonie, WI 

Price: $2,300,000

The deets: Don’t worry, this tiny-size hobbit house doesn’t cost seven figures. The millions in the price tag are for what’s around the small building—mainly a 15-acre plot perfect as a wedding venue, with a vineyard, stone bridge, waterfalls, and views of the rolling countryside. The venue simply uses the hobbit house to make wedding-day photos “truly unique,” according to the listing. Because what is more romantic on a wedding day than a reference to an epic journey to the Cracks of Doom to destroy … a ring?

Perfect for a “Lord of the Rings” wedding!



103 White Rocks Rd, Goshen, VT 

Price: $257,000

The deets: This 15-acre property includes two houses—an 1,800-square-foot, three-bed, two-bath, and below that, a smaller hobbit house built into the hill. Add touches like 150-year-old hand-hewn beams and hand-quarried shale fieldstone, and this home will be featured in “Hobbit House Digest” in no time. The property is also bordered by a national forest (though, there’s no mention of Ent sightings, the magical creatures in Tolkien’s books who look like trees).

If it’s underground, it’s a hobbit house.


Hobbits do traditionally live underground in “hobbit holes.”



0017 Sky Dr, Escondido, CA 

Price: $155,000

The deets: Looking for a starter hobbit house? This seller had plans for such a home and paid Green Magic Homes to design a 1,600-square-foot hobbit house on this .83-acre lot. Granted, it hasn’t been built yet, but below is a rendering of what it would look like, if you decide to move forward (and pay extra, depending on how big a hobbit hole you want).

A perfect place to host Gandalf

Escondido, CA/Realtor.com


1735 Flat Mountain Rd, Highlands, NC 

Price: $375,000

The deets: This lovely cottage is rumored to have been built by a Norwegian shipwright, according to the listing. And while the only hobbit-y thing the home has going for it is a rounded stone fireplace, there does seem to be charm galore, including different levels and hidden storage areas. So if you’re hankering for hobbit-house light, this might be the perfect spot for you.

A nice place to rest after doing battle with the evil Sauron.



414 Bethel Meadows Rd, Caseyville, IL

Price: $57,400

The deets: Um, sometimes conjuring the phrase “hobbit house” in a listing is a bit of a stretch. Take this so-called hobbit house currently in foreclosure. While it may have a few rounded doorways and a fireplace, there is nothing magical or mystical about this 2,500-square-foot “as is” home built in 1980. But at this bargain price, a lot of TLC could turn this fixer-upper into a property worthy of the Shire.

A round door does not a hobbit house make.


Sometimes the term “hobbit house” in a listing is a stretch.


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