Kylie Jenner’s Kid Gets a Chair That May Traumatize Her—See Pics

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Christmas is over, but the gifts just keep coming for Kylie Jenner’s little daughter, Stormi Webster. Case in point: Travis Scott, Stormi’s dad, just dropped off a chair that’s, um, quite a statement!

As you’ll clearly see in Jenner’s recent Instagram post below, the plush chair is made of stuffed animal hides. No, not just stuffed animals—these Felix the Cats have the distinctive “X” on their eyeballs that signal to any experienced cartoon-watcher that they are dead.

While such a chair might cause many a kid to burst into tears, Stormi, who is not yet 1, seems perfectly oblivious to what’s beneath her, and far more interested in the pricey purse she throws over her shoulder.

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daddy dropped off a new chair for stormi and omg this girl threw the bag over her shoulder i can’t.

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Apparently, Jenner is a fan of this chair too, so much so that she snapped a pic of herself perched on it.

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Whether you find this chair horrifying or hilarious, one thing’s for sure: It’s expensive! This furnishing was designed thanks to a collaboration between Humberto and Fernando Campana (Brazilian artists known for using found objects to create sculptured furniture pieces) and Kaws (an American graffiti artist who draws inspiration from pop-culture animations).

The chair was displayed by the gallery Friedman Benda during Miami Design Week in December, where Scott, the rapper daddy, must have spotted it and thought: Stormi’s gonna loooove this!

While the exact cost of this chair hasn’t been disclosed, other pieces by the Campanas for sale on the luxury site 1stDibs range from $15,000 to $25,000. Meanwhile, pieces by Kaws have sold for up to $2.5 million.

While this chair isn’t for everyone, some designers we spoke to applaud its playful look.

“The spectacularly whimsical Kaws/Campana collaboration is a vibrant and plushy expression of experience, and a statement of the times,” says interior designer Laura Muller, CEO of Four Point Design Build, Inc.

Still, though, it does seem like an odd choice for a child’s room.

“I think the piece is simultaneously cute and also somewhat morbid for a toddler’s room,” says interior designer Drew Henry of Design Dudes in San Antonio, TX. “The character is cute, but also has X-ed out eyes. I think I would stick with traditional pastels for a nursery, but this is a bold look for the parents that want to make a statement. … Not sure what that statement is exactly, though.”

Will stuffed animal chairs become the hot new trend?

Does this mean we’re about to see a wave of stuffed animal chairs? Hmmm…

“I haven’t seen any similar looks trending, but now that the Kardashians have one, we might see an uptick of similarly styled pieces coming out and being popularized,” says Henry. “However, it is a very specific art piece, so it isn’t very accessible to your standard audience.”

“Unfortunately, we may also see the inevitable saturation that tends to follow popularity,” says Muller.

We’re just thinking that at some point, Stormi is bound to reach an age where she’ll look at this chair, then down at the teddy bear in her arms, and wonder: Is Teddy next?

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