Need a New ‘Fixer Upper’ Fix? Try These Chip and Joanna Gaines Parodies for a Laugh


It’s been just over a year since the last episode of “Fixer Upper” aired, and frankly, some of us are experiencing Gaines pains, otherwise known as Chip and Joanna withdrawal.

Who doesn’t miss Chip’s goofy banter, Joanna’s long-suffering eye rolls, modern farmhouse everything, and their beloved shiplap everywhere, from floor to ceiling?

But just when you thought you would never see anything new about the Gaines family again (at least until their new network launches), along come the parody videos. Lots of parody videos.

Everyone seems to be doing their own skewed versions of the Chip and Jo show, and we’ve combed through dozens on YouTube to curate some of the prime examples—and how they nail many of the aspects of “Fixer Upper” that beg to be made fun of.

‘Bicker Upper’

Cece Trask and Tuesday Grant of the sketch comedy group Not Spicy Enough created this irreverent spoof showing what’s likely really going through Joanna’s mind while Chip hangs off rotating ceiling fans and hammers nails through his hands, all while cracking cheese ball jokes.

At one point the Joanna character loses it, fuming, “I swear to God, if you’re even capable of having something that resembles a thought in that sawdust-clogged, child-sized brain of yours … I’m going to have you drywalled into a house and you will never be heard from again.”

We’re not saying Joanna really dreams of leaving Chip in the sawdust, but could you blame her if she did?

‘Honest Fixer Upper’

But hey, Chip has his own axes to grind. And few spoofs drive this home like “Honest Fixer Upper,” where comedian John Crist dresses up as Chip and documents what he might really be thinking during episodes of “Fixer Upper.”

At one point, Crist raves, “Oh! Walk-in closet! Great idea! Why not?”

It’s followed by a reality check: “Uh, we’re in Waco, TX—not exactly the fashion capital of the world.”

‘Creeper Upper’

Director Misty Stinnett and actor Tom Bensinger perform a spot-on spoof of the Gaines style as they find and renovate the ideal home for a broom-wielding witch named Miss Crocksby. In fact, she wants them to turn the entire house into a Halloween hovel with a giant child-baking oven so she can “eat, er, entertain, yes, entertain” the local children.

‘Fix Her Supper’

From the video makers at, we get Chip and Joanna similes trying to “take the pickiest eater, and do all we can to try to make our child’s dream meal,” as the “Fixer Upper” theme song twangs in the background.

‘Look What Joanna Made Us Do’

Bonus: This one’s a parody of not only “Fixer Upper,” but also Taylor Swift‘s video “Look What You Made Me Do” from folks at Leeann and Michelle Think They’re Funny. In the video, after watching “Fixer Upper,” two friends go on a shiplapping, modern farmhouse–shopping spree changing Swift’s lyrics into a zombie Magnolia rap. Catchy!

‘The Marriage Fixer Uppers’

Marriage experts who go by Chet and Susanna Baines attempt to renovate relationships the way Chip and Jo renovate houses. They tear down walls between couples to give them more open communication, they install side-by-side toilets because “the couple that goes together grows together.” You get the idea. Let’s just say their methods are not quite as successful as Chip and Jo’s.

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