NFL-Themed Home Decor?! 10 Hilarious Items to Get Before the Next Game


Now that football season is well underway, why not show your love for your favorite team not only with caps and jerseys, but also with your home decor?

As luck would have it, Lowe’s has you covered. This big-box home improvement store has launched a huge NFL Fan Shop with thousands of branded items that are perfect for a superfan, or to tote along as a thank-you gift when your neighbors host the homegating party. All 32 NFL franchises are represented in the collection, as well as some of the most popular college teams (think Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators, and Clemson Tigers).

Here’s a peek at some kinda cute, kinda crazy football-themed home decor that only a true fan will adore. Hike!

1. Pizza cutter

pizza cutter

Slide through a cheesy pie quickly with this stainless-steel blade.

A pizza cutter ($13), especially one emblazoned with the Steelers logo, is the ultimate tool when it comes to hosting a home game. Not just for pizza, it’s also good for slicing through quesadillas, shredding lettuce, and quartering sandwiches. Or for destroying the sports section when you read the game’s recap in the papers.

2. Salt and pepper shakers

Turn these shakers to display home and away games.

Even though Gang Green hasn’t won a Super Bowl title in 50 long years, Monica Mangin, Lowe’s DIY expert, still recommends this team’s salt and pepper shakers ($16) with both home and away jerseys. Go ahead, long-suffering Jets fanatics—you’ve earned this.

3. Grill grate cleaner

grate cleaner

Scrubbing the grill helps release the tension you’ll feel after that fumble.

Take your football theme to your patio with a grill grate cleaner from the San Francisco 49ers ($22). A superfan also keeps a stainless-steel grill set (spatula and tongs, $28) at the ready because burgers and brats taste better when they’re flipped with a little Bay Bombers love.

4. Grill cover

Rub this Bama grill cover for good luck.

No, you can’t paint your car crimson and drive around town singing the Alabama fight song, but you can sport this grill cover ($26) over your cooker during inclement weather and know that Clemson is going down this year—no matter what.

5. Beer mug

beer mug

How’s about a giant brew in a Giants stein?

Next stop—the bar. Beer mugs ($33) and stainless-steel wine tumblers ($25) are easy ways to outfit your beverage station at a homegate party. Mangin recommends coasters ($30 for 6), too, and you comply so your den’s end tables don’t become ring-stained nightmares by the playoffs’ end.

6. Cornhole football

Score! Cornhole appeals to all ages.


Set up a few backyard games at your homegate event, including flag football, flip-cup, and cornhole ($70). Sure, it’s a cheesy game, but you can’t sit prone for three hours! Fun fact: There’s even a professional cornhole league. So get up and play with the kids during halftime and stop pouting about the score.

7. Home field rug

Every home TV deserves the Bills laid out, front and center.

Move your team spirit inside with this home field rug ($450) made from easy-to-spot-clean sturdy nylon (yup, nacho accidents happen). At 8 by 11 feet in size, it’ll almost accommodate an indoor game of touch or flag football.

8. Lighted sign

Why no, this Packers sign isn’t too bright on a bedside table.

Show how your favorite team lights up your life with a lighted sign ($70) for your family room or man cave. This neon wonder also works well in a window, as it lets passers-by know about your deep devotion to the Packer nation.

9. Doormat

The Panthers rule—and when they lose, wipe lots of mud here.

A doormat ($25) is useful during football season (rain, sleet, snow), and it lets guests know as they enter your home that there will be no trash-talking the Panthers this year.

10. Garden gnome

Ahoy there, little man!

Superfans don’t just live inside the house—they also venture to the lawn and garden. Adorn your green space with a not-at-all scary garden gnome ($31) pointing skyward for some reason. Give him your own high-five or secret salute every time you pass by to rake leaves.

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