Ode to Avocado Decor: Here’s Just How Good, or Nauseatingly Bad, It Can Get

It’s National Avocado Day! Here at realtor.com®, we wanted to celebrate the best way we know how: by highlighting the right—and very wrong—ways to decorate with the verdant shades of an avocado.

Green is a notoriously difficult color to bring into the home. It can be off-putting if used in the wrong way, which is why many people just steer clear. But there are ways to masterfully incorporate it into your interiors without going overboard.

Prepare to be wowed by the photos below—some of which used avocado-inspired decor to truly enhance the rooms, and some that really miss the mark.

Do: Try a tile backsplash

Photo by TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

In which room does avocado-colored decor look the most apropos? The kitchen, of course! Choose green tile for the backsplash, and arrange it in a unique pattern to add texture and depth.

Don’t: Put it on the cabinets

Do: Paint a piece of accent furniture

Photo by Erica George Dines Photography

Have a favorite side table or chair that could use a makeover? A couple of coats of guac-inspired paint is just the thing to liven it right up. The green console table above looks sophisticated and fresh next to the antique wooden bed.

Don’t: Paint your entire house

Photo by Kenny Craft, CNU LEED AP

There are plenty of ways to show your adoration for avocados, but painting your entire house this unsightly shade of green is not one of them. We appreciate that they tried to tone it down with the white trim. But still.

Do: Use it to accent the room

Photo by Camilla Molders Design

A throw pillow or blanket, an upholstered armchair, a tray—these are all small decor pieces you can use to accent the room with touches of avocado green. You can even use a few Monstera leaves or tree branches to incorporate the earthy tone into your home.

Don’t: Use it on everything

Photo by Art&deco

Some people may say the more avocado the better, but that works better on toast than it does with home decor. Bright green everything is never a good thing, especially in a bedroom. In a room that’s supposed to be your sanctuary, an avocado-colored rug+bedspread+curtains+wallpaper=the opposite of tranquil.

Do: Paint an accent wall

Photo by Weppner Architect

Bright green paint can work inside—it just needs to be used in small doses. Case in point: the accent wall above that’s used to highlight a photograph and bring depth to a living room. Notice how they balanced the wall out with other green touches like a throw pillow (strategically placed on the opposite side of the room) and plants.

Don’t: Paint the whole room

Photo by Design Theory Interiors of California, Inc

No matter how much of a fan you are of avocado green, four walls painted in this shade is just too much. Having such a bright color on the walls will make the room feel smaller and more closed in.

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