Phantasmic Properties? 5 Ghost Towns Available for Brave Buyers

Halloween is on the way! Finally. Now, once again, all things spooky are carving out big-time interest—including in the world of real estate.

And there’s no better way to raise those teeny little hairs on the back of your neck than an honest-to-God ghost town. We found five abandoned places on the market, waiting for a buyer who doesn’t mind dealing with the remnants of past spirits.

So what is a ghost town? Merriam-Webster defines them as “a once-flourishing town wholly or nearly deserted, usually as a result of the exhaustion of some natural resource.” These are places on the map that have been left behind to wither and crumble while nature reclaims the once-bustling space.

Another key element of any respectable ghost town are intact remains that evoke the lives of those who lived there.

There’s something about imagining people who picked up and left long ago that makes these places feel haunted—if not by ghosts, then by memories. Here are five properties located in (and around) ghost towns, with stories to tell.

We’ll leave the light on…

Oregon King Mine, Ashwood, OR

Price: $2 million Ghost Mine: This ghost town was once home to the bustling Oregon King Mine, which was eventually closed as locals found more opportunity in farming and ranching. Now there’s a 200- acre parcel for sale, complete with abandoned homes that were used during the mining boom. For a couple of million bucks, you can acquire the land, the mine (which is still rumored to hold precious metals!), and all the old structures. It could be transformed into a private hideaway or even a ghost town tourist attraction. Just don’t go down the mine shafts without a flashlight!

Ashwood, OR


Lucin Ghost Town, UT

Price: $18,500

Steam Railroad Town: A relative pittance for poltergeists! Founded as a water stop for steam rail engines, Lucin sits on the west side of the Great Salt Lake. Today, 40 acres of the once-critical railroad town are up for sale for less than the price of a new car. The property could be revived either as a choice spot to gaze upon protected wildlife or to hunt for semiprecious stones. The folks in the haunting picture below are only vaguely spooky. We’re sure they mean no harm…

Lucin, UT


Wikieup, AZ

Price: $100,000 Gold Mine Ghost Town: This was once home to those seeking their fortunes in the gold mines in the latter part of the 19th century. Today, these 160 rural acres of desert land are available for purchase. Zoned for a single-family home, the acreage is ideal for outdoor fun, such as horseback riding, ATVs, and hiking. True ghost hunters can peruse the abandoned mines and examine the plants that sustained the area’s former residents.

Wikieup, AZ


Boulder, MT

Price: $115,000 Silver Mine Ghost Town: This land is located just below the ghost town of Elkhorn and was once home to the largest silver mining camp in Montana. Today, people are attracted to the Elkhorn Mountains for camping and enjoying its natural beauty. If you’d like to relive the old mining days, you can buy 24 acres of wooded land to commune with the spirits.

Boulder, MT


Thompson, UT

Price: $499,000 Boarding House and Dance Hall: Located about 40 miles outside of Moab, you’ll find a large (inhabited!) 10-bedroom home that used to serve as a boarding house. Near the 11-acre property are the remnants of the uninhabited ghost town of Thompson, as well as relics of the days when Native Americans lived here. The compound also includes a building once used as a dance hall, a souvenir shop, an organic garden, 11 RV hookups, and five tent sites. Camp … at your own risk?

Thompson, UT

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