Poor Baby! 10 Nursery Design Fails So Odd, They Boggle the Mind


Perhaps no room should be more soothing than a nursery. After all, it’s a place to nurture a tiny blob whose main activities are sleeping and crying into a semifunctioning toddler starting to explore the world. And frazzled moms and dads trying to get their kids to nap will surely need some serene vibes, too.

The thing is, some parents’ nursery decor choices leave us baffled—if not worried whether the kid will turn out OK.

As proof, look no further than this rundown of Instagram posts where parents-to-be show off their nursery decor style in all its, um, quirky, mind-boggling glory. Who knows, maybe some of these styles strike your fancy—or could serve as inspiration for how to not decorate your own nursery.

For the baby who loves to hunt

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Another lil man is going to be sleeping in style in our custom Max 4 kinky bedding. Contact us today for a quote on bedding to fit your theme #rocknbaby #custombabybedding #camonursery #camobabybedding #baby #truetimber #hunting #max4 #realtree #custombaby

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This little tot is destined to slay a moose by the time he turns 10—and by 12, he’ll go after a grizzly. He’ll then graduate and join the Navy SEALs—that is, if his parents can find him hiding in this camouflage crib.

For Tim Burton fans

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Jack Baby Crib Set #Skulls #IloveSkulls #JackSkellington #nurserydecor

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“The Nightmare Before Christmas” may not be the first movie that pops into your head when you think of baby’s naptime, but on the other hand, once the kid is old enough to trick or treat, the crib set can be turned into a Halloween costume. Talk about a nice upcycling opportunity.

For tots who adore ‘Toy Story’

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#disney_at_home #toystory #toystoryland #disneybaby #disneyland #disneyworld #disney #toystorynursery #andysroom

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Meanwhile, this baby had better really, really, really like the animated film “Toy Story.” We spy all the characters from Mr. Potato Head to Slinky Dog! But what happens if this baby grows up hating Woody and Buzz Lightyear? It’d make for an awkward bedtime.

For the brand-conscious baby

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What do you guys thing of this set? Source: @ritzybabyoriginal #princessroom #roomdecoration #nursery #nurserydecor #nurseryinspo #nurseryideas #nurseryroom #babynursery #nurserydesign #nurseryinspiration #projectnursery #interiordesign #nurseryinteriordesign #princessnursery #sheetsets #sheetset #designernursery

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Care about labels much? If you want your baby’s room to match your Louis Vuitton handbag, then this is the perfect crib set for you! Now all you need are some LV-monogrammed diapers and this baby is all matchy-matchy.

For a true-blue American baby

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I just realized I never shared this incredible nursery with the world! I haven’t had it professionally shot yet but found these on my clients page! #olliekinney i love your room! #designersbrew #americananursery #vintagenursery #nativeamericannursery #cowboynursery #antlernursery #toysrus #roundtopfinds #plaiddrapes #boynursery #ralphlauren inspired #nursery #grownupnursery #silkroute sofa.

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There’s nothing like instilling some national pride early on, right? Along with a love of hunting (again), because what toddlers wouldn’t love to know that the antlers of four Bambis were used to build their very own chandelier?

For a very special set of twins

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Our timeless Cherubini Cribs in a Houston nursery. #classic#alwaysinstyle#twins

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Tufted crib skirts, gold wall sconces, ornate artwork, and a chandelier dripping with teardrop glass. While this nursery looks like it would fit right in Versailles, its devotion to excess feels a bit excessive.

For the baby who doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor

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Welcome home, baby. (: @love_vidamia)

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Every child loves a cuddly, stuffed teddy bear. But what happens when the bear is 100 times bigger than said child? The bear sleeps in the crib, and the baby winds up in a basket on the floor.

For shiplap-loving ‘little angels’

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Collection of 6 8" X 10" Hand Drawings of Vintage Victorian Valentines. Interior Design and Artwork by Dion Williams, DW Interior Design. #dionwilliams #Dionwilliamsinteriordesign #dwinteriordesign #interiordesigner #interiordesign #nursery #girlnursery #angels #angelnursery #lavender #lavendernursery #barnwoodwall #vintagevictorianvalentine #vintagevictorian #babygirl #restorationhardware #crystalchandelier #customart #handdrawings #pencildrawing #artist #worksremotley

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Barn wood? Check! Angel wings? Check! Six cherub drawings? Check, check! We get that most parents think of their children as little angels, but this nursery feels more like a Stevie Nicks recording studio than a place to raise a baby.

For celeb parents sick of pink and blue

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I'm in with Baby Beau’s nursery! Even when I was pregnant, I felt like he was an old soul – a very wise, little man. So I wanted to do the anti-baby nursery. A functional, comfortable, soothing, yet chic and elevated nursery. The green stone malachite has always been a favorite of mine. It was the inspiration for the room’s decor. Thanks to everyone who helped me pull Baby Beau’s nursery together! Artwork above Beau's crib DIY by The 4 McDermott kiddos & mama for baby bro! (: Michael Simon/ Startraks) #nursery #babybeau #decor #malachite #green #nurserydecor #fifthisthenewfirst #slideshow

A post shared by Tori Spelling (@torispelling) on Jul 11, 2017 at 8:26pm PDT

When actress Tori Spelling got to baby No. 5, she and husband Dean McDermott had obviously run through the usual baby colors. So yeah, why not go green—the color of money, jealousy, as well as nature and harmony. Truth is, fifth children are lucky to have a nursery at all.

Then for the rest of us

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We see these beautiful nursery photos on insta, and I for one was influenced! I wanted a beautiful baby’s room that was insta worthy and picture perfect …. but it’s not going to happen The room is just too small to fit all the furniture (even if you imagine the cot empty) it’s squashed and not what I had in mind at all. This actually caused me soooo many tears, thanks #hormones but I’m good now Anywho, I thought I would chuck a photo up of our cramped, imperfect baby’s room just in case someone else is feeling the same way. I’m sure I’m not the only one that can’t have the perfect baby’s room we desire. . . Ps. Shoes, washing basket, vacuum and gym bag will NOT be living there for the long term . . #tellmeimnotalone #nurseryfail #babyroomfail #babywontcare #illgetitrightforbabynumbertwo #smallhouseproblems #smallhome #storagehacks #pregnancyhormones #2ndtrimester #nesting #itried #iboughtthishousebymyself #neverthrowshadeonsomeoneelseshouse

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This poor mom tried to decorate her baby’s room as best she could, inspired—and slightly terrorized—by the picture-perfect nurseries on Instagram (see above). But babies come with a lot of gear. In the end, Mom decided nursery perfection was all a sham. Here’s where her baby will live, in the happy chaos of reality.

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