Property Brothers vs. Chip and Jo: Who’s the More Popular Home Design Duo?

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If you’re a fan of “The Property Brothers,” “Fixer Upper,” and other reality TV series featuring home makeovers, you’ve probably fantasized about what your home would look like in the hands of whichever of those popular renovators are on the screen. But if some fairy godmother were to grant this wish, whom would you actually hire for the job?

To pinpoint the reigning ruler of renovation, home renovation site surveyed over a thousand people, asking them whom they would pick to overhaul their home, and why.

The results? Even though their hit series “Fixer Upper” closed shop in 2018Chip and Joanna Gaines are still pollees’ top choice, followed by “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott and a bunch of surprises further down the list. Without further ado, here’s the full rundown:

Top 10 reno teams

Top 10 renovation teams fans would like to have work on their homes

Even though the Gaineses aren’t airing new episodes right now, the fact that they still win the home renovation popularity contest is not too surprising, given that the modern farmhouse style they popularized is still going strong. Plus, “Fixer Upper” fans who are missing this adorable couple are in luck, since the Gaineses have partnered with the Discovery Channel to launch their own cable network in summer 2020. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that Chip and Jo will spend some time in front of the cameras as well as behind the scenes!

Yet although the Gaineses have garnered more fans overall, if you break down people’s preferences by gender, women lean toward Chip and Jo, while men would prefer to have their home redone by the Scott brothers. And these guys are in luck, because new episodes of “Property Brothers: Forever Home” are still being aired weekly.

Home renovation experts

Dream team home renovation experts as chosen by women and men

So it’s no surprise that, when survey respondents were asked which home renovation shows they watch most often right now, “Property Brothers” topped the list—with “Fixer Upper” right behind, running on strong rerun fumes.

home renovation experts

Most-watched home renovation TV shows

So what’s up with the third most popular home designer, Ty Pennington? His popularity is particularly impressive since “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” was discontinued by ABC in 2012. (HGTV plans to pick it up in 2020.)

And how about all of the people who made this list without a home renovation show under their belt—we’re looking at Dwayne Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, and Kylie Jenner? When pollees were asked to explain these picks, many said they’d seen photos of these celebs’ homes and liked their style. We can understand that logic—particularly DeGeneres, who has a hearty habit of buying homes, fixing them up to a fabulous degree, and then selling them for a multimillion-dollar profit.

But why did George Clooney, Dave Chappelle, and Gordon Ramsay make these lists? People say it’s less for their design savvy and more the fact that they just want to meet them. Go figure.

Home renovation experts

Why survey respondents made their selections

Our only question: Why isn’t “Flip or Flop” anywhere to be seen? True, Tarek El Moussa and his ex-wife, Christina Anstead, have split up romantically, but they’re still business partners flipping homes on TV. Were they not offered as an option? If so, that’s a major oversight, particularly since Anstead has launched her own design business and TV spinoff, “Christina on the Coast.”

In the end, though, no matter where your favorites end up on this list, rest assured that if you dream of having famous renovators swoop in and design your home, you’re far from alone.

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