Save the Pink House! Colorful Chicago Victorian Is the Week’s Most Popular Home

The shade of a shocking pink-and-white house in Chicago has been likened to Pepto Bismol, Barbie, and bubble gum. Now, this blush landmark in the Windy City has charmed up enough clicks to be named this week’s most popular home.

According to the Chicago Tribune, when the Andersen family bought the home in 1986, it was actually painted dark green. The Rev. Isiah Andersen was a pastor who loved to work around the house, and his wife, Wilhelmina, loved pink. He proceeded to transform the home into a cotton candy confection that became an iconic part of the neighborhood landscape.

However, since the death of Rev. Andersen a few years ago, the family has struggled to maintain the property on the city’s West Side. They’ve been looking for a buyer for over a year, and the home is still on the market for a measly $160,000.

Listing agent Jeanne Keating started a GoFundMe in July to raise the money necessary to help keep the family in place until a buyer can be found. She’s only raised $3,535 thus far, but the house continues to draw a crowd—as evidenced by this week’s clicks.

Other quirky properties attracting clicks this week included a fairy-tale cottage in Maryland with must-read listing details, a spectacular modern estate in Encino, CA, designed around an ancient oak tree, and a midcentury time capsule in Seattle straight out of a “Mad Men” episode.

Those homes are ready for a buyer to move right in—but if there’s anyone out there interested in taking on a real estate investment project with the potential of energizing an entire neighborhood, the popular pink-and-while house in Chicago is in serious need of a hero.

While you ponder your rescue abilities, have a look at all of this week’s most popular homes and be tickled pink…

10. 3904 Valley Meadow Rd, Encino, CA

Price: $13,995,555

Why it’s here: Finished this year, this 10-bedroom, 15,000-square-foot house is the most expensive home on the market in Encino. Walls of glass highlight the home’s surroundings, and the property is centered on an historic oak tree, bringing the indoors and outdoors together in harmony. The picture-perfect grounds were designed by Jae Omar Design, and the property’s pool, guesthouse, and main house are all arrayed around the ancient oak for a luxurious Zen experience, inside and out.

Encino, CA house exterior

Encino, CA


9. 112 Woodland Rd, Brookline, MA

Price: $33,900,000

Why it’s here: Tom Brady‘s massive family home continues to scramble up and down our chart. His decision to call an audible and cut $6 million from the price at the beginning of the month has given the listing a bit of a boost.

Tom Brady house

Brookline, MA


8. 121B Camino Acote, Santa Fe, NM 

Price: $765,000

Why it’s here: Modern farmhouse isn’t the style that leaps to mind when you think of Santa Fe, but this cool home fits right in. Built in 1994, the open, colorful, and airy three-bedroom residence sits on 5 acres filled with aspen trees. Fun features include a sun porch, dry sauna, and plenty of outdoor entertaining spaces.

Santa Fe, NM modern farmhouse exterior

Santa Fe, NM


7. 2923 Krenek Rd, Crosby, TX

Price: $340,000

Why it’s here: Live where you work! Barn life looks beautiful in this single-bedroom, 800-square-foot barndominium sitting on over 6 acres, with a deep well, pole barn, and covered porches. Inside, the barndominium features custom cabinetry and a generous living room.

barndominium in Crosby, TX

Crosby, TX


6. 13755 Skyline Blvd, Los Gatos, CA

Price: $3,798,000

Why it’s here: Bay Area bliss! This multilevel contemporary house built in 2018 has been featured in Dwell Magazine, according to the listing details. It oozes sophistication, from its European herringbone white-oak floors to its fantastic kitchen and 20-foot ceilings. The 3-acre property also includes a detached guest suite or studio and three-stall barn.

contemporary house in Los Gatos, CA

Los Gatos, CA


5. 956 Linden Ave, York, PA

Price: $79,500

Why it’s here: The bargain of the week. Built in 1890, this four-bedroom house is full of history and priced for less than a luxury car. The interiors will require some work—the bathroom needs to be finished and there’s plaster work to be completed, but the place is priced to leave room in the budget for upgrades.

Colonial house in York, PA exterior

York, PA


4. 13314 28th Ave, Seattle, WA

Price: $599,950

Why it’s here: This midcentury time capsule is on the market for the first time since 1960! And this gem still shines. Everything appears as it must have decades ago across the groovy home’s more than 1,800 square feet. Outdoors, the yard includes fruit trees, a mature garden, and a covered deck for entertaining.

mid century time capsule in Seattle

Seattle, WA


3. 2901 NE 133rd St, Edmond, OK 

Price: $429,500

Why it’s here: Everyone needs a starter home—even future NBA superstars. All-Star Russell Westbrook purchased this place in 2008 at the very beginning of his pro career. The brick three-bedroom is a lot nicer than a typical starter home, but Westbrook has ascended to bigger and better mansions.

Edmond, OK house exterior

Edmond, OK


2. 2631 Westchester Ave, Ellicott City, MD

Price: $469,000

Why it’s here: The listing details on this historic cedar shake home, which dates to the Civil War, are a must-read. You’ll be introduced to homeowners Louis and Sheila and receive a guided tour of their one-of-a-kind home. The charming three-bedroom storybook home is a bit of a fairy tale come true. As Louis says, “After a drink or two, Sheila and I can really fool ourselves into believing we are Hansel and Gretel!”

cottage in ellicott city md

Ellicott City, MD


1. 556 N. Central Ave, Chicago, IL

Price: $160,000

Why it’s here: Pink houses for you … and me? This iconic Victorian on the West Side of Chicago has fallen into disrepair since its owner passed away a few years ago. It’s been on the market for a year, but the listing perked up this week with some serious social sharing activity. The interior photos show that the living spaces are just as flush with the pink.

Facing a cash crunch, the family who own it need to rehab the five-bedroom home or find a buyer in a hurry.

pink and white house in Chicago

Chicago, IL

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