Staten Island Mansion Residents Haunted by Grisly Mob Murder


When Anna Raimondi stepped into a 140-year-old Staten Island house, she was overwhelmed by visions of brutality.

Raimondi, who said she is a medium, was sent by “The Dr. Oz Show” to investigate “paranormal activity” in the Kreischer Mansion because its current residents have reported scary, inexplicable incidents.

Slamming doors, locked rooms and audible footsteps are all regular occurrences at 4500 Arthur Kill Road, said inhabitants Liz Moreno and Rick Rispoli.

“We look at each other and say, ‘Did you really hear that,’ ” Rispoli told Dr. Oz on the episode that aired last week on Fox WNYW/Channel 5. “I usually get freaked out.”

The pair said they have even captured images of apparitions.

“We’ve caught orbs,” Rispoli adds, showing a series of photos in which a cluster of lights appears to float above a set of exterior stairs. “They move to five different locations. If you follow all the pictures, they move [in] a circle.” The residents also claim to have captured photos of “some figures in the windows.”

Eager to find out more about what happened in the home, Dr. Oz tapped Raimondi, who has investigated other murder houses for the health guru. According to the program, she knew nothing about the Kreischer Mansion before entering it.

“Wow. Somebody was dragged here,” Raimondi said upon setting foot in the house. “I’m feeling the energy. He was killed, but I feel like a stab. There’s stabbing, somebody sitting on somebody, they want him to die. This man, he did not want to die. Blood. So was all blood in here, like bloody, very bloody. Was there more than one murder here?”

She went on to later describe how a spirit “was watching and crying about the desecration of his body.” She said she had an overpowering vision of water being involved — and even pointed out the grave in the backyard.

It’s no surprise to many locals — the Kreischer Mansion is, after all, one of the most haunted spots in New York City — that the home was the site of a grisly mob murder.

In 2005, a Bonanno crime family associate named Robert McKelvey was killed by other family associates after he offended leader Gino Galestro. He also owed Galestro money. An unsuspecting McKelvey was lured to the house by the groundskeeper, mob associate Joseph Young — aka “Joe Black,” along with three other mob members.

According to reports, Young stabbed McKelvey, but that didn’t work and and the target made a run for it. Young caught up with him again and attempted to strangle McKelvey with no luck. McKelvey wasn’t able to fight off his attackers any longer and was drowned in a small pool outside. His body was left in its own blood while the mobsters grabbed a bite to eat before returning to cut up the corpse and burn it in the furnace.

Young was later convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison.

Incredibly, that wasn’t the only murder in the house, built during the 1880s. According to local legend, Edward Kreischer, who lived in the home during the 19th century, shot himself in the head, and a cook was murdered in the kitchen. It’s because of these crimes locals say they’ve heard a woman, thought to be Kreischer’s wife, wailing and banging pots and pans from the deceased cook.

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