The Most Expensive Neighborhood in Every State in America

The Most Expensive Neighborhood in Every State in America


We’re curious. There’s no other way to explain our fascination—make that obsession—with the biggest, the best, and the richest. We always desire a glimpse inside the lives of the wealthiest among us, to learn what cars they drive, what clothes they wear, and, most importantly, where they live. (What else could possibly explain 14 seasons of “The Real Housewives of Orange County”?)

To satisfy our innate curiosity about high-end housing, the data team at® set out to pinpoint the most expensive neighborhoods in each and every state. Plus DC, because why not?

To track down each state’s priciest place, our data team calculated the median listing price for every ZIP code in the U.S. in 2018. ZIP codes with fewer than an average of 30 listings per month were eliminated, to make sure the results weren’t skewed by a few big-ticket listings.

The result is a fascinating mix of places you’ve probably heard of alongside some up-and-coming bastions of wealth. You’ll find them below in alphabetical order by state.

Grab your checkbook and take a look!


Birmingham, AL (Mountain Brook) ZIP code: 35223 Median home list price: $611,612

Mountain Brook in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham’s real estate market is in the midst of a boom, with new jobs delivering droves of eager home buyers into the burbs. But only the elite earn a spot in the Magic City’s southeastern suburb of Mountain Brook, which has long been a haven for the city’s upper crust, according to Zachary Armstrong, a real estate agent with Berkshire Hathaway in Birmingham. They’re flocking to Beverly Hills–style estates built in the 1920s with enormous pools, manicured lawns, and city views. Plus, the suburb offers low property tax rates and the highest-rated schools in the state—a potent combo.


Anchorage, AK ZIP code: 99516 Median home list price: $537,129

Anchorage, AK

Ever dream of quitting your stressful 9-to-5 and taking off for greener pastures? How about whiter and fluffier ones? For years deep-pocketed international buyers have done just that, swooping into the upscale southeast section of Anchorage where huge cedar and wood homes offer primo views of snow-capped mountains.

“At first it was a lot of Canadians, but we’ve also been seeing Koreans, Russians, and Germans,” says Jacob Sebring, a local real estate agent with Keller Williams.


Paradise Valley, AZ ZIP code: 85253 Median home list price: $2,263,540

Paradise Valley, AZ

Nestled between Phoenix and Scottsdale, Paradise Valley manages to juggle a few distinct personas: amped-up tourist locale (eight full-service resorts!), upscale retirement mecca (one-quarter of the city’s population is aged 65 and up, according to the U.S. Census Bureau), and, weirdly, hot spot for pro athletes. But the last part of that equation may be falling off a bit: Over the past year, we’ve seen Randy Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Matt Williams all put their Paradise Valley megamansions on the market.


Fayetteville, AR ZIP code: 72703 Median home list price: $417,265

Fayetteville, AR


It’s the Walmart effect. Questions?


Beverly Hills, CA ZIP code: 90210 Median home list price: $6,062,925

Beverly Hills, CA


Despite the frenzied attention paid lately to the eye-popping home prices in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the old-money enclave of Beverly Hills holds its own as the wealthiest neighborhood in the Golden State—and the most expensive town in America.

The iconic 90210 ZIP did more than just launch one of the most fab shows of the ’90s (the less said about the CW reboot, the better), it also boasts some of the nation’s most extravagant properties, including the Beverly House, a 19-bedroom estate once owned by William Randolph Hearst. Even dirt and trees go for big bucks in this sunny paradise. Case in point? This massive plot of land on the market for $1 billion. And no, there isn’t a house on it.


Snowmass, CO ZIP code: 81654 Median home list price: $3,355,488

Snowmass, CO

With home prices in red-hot cities like Denver and Boulder soaring, it might come as a surprise that a small ski village topped Colorado’s most expensive list.

Location, location, location: Nestled in the Colorado Mountains, Snowmass is just a 25-minute drive to ultraposh Aspen. This ski town’s housing stock consists mostly of enormous mansions—unlike in Aspen, where a plethora of small condos have pulled down the median prices.


Greenwich, CT ZIP code: 06831 Median home list price: $2,625,154

Greenwich, CT

Located within easy-peasy commuting distance to New York City, Greenwich is the crown jewel of Connecticut’s “Gold Coast”—a cluster of leafy and enormously affluent suburban towns along the Long Island Sound. It’s long been the destination for ungodly rich hedge fund managers or titans of industry who want to spread out and escape midtown Manhattan.

Some real estate markets in the tri-state region are seeing slowdowns, but not Greenwich. Area mansions are still selling briskly, according to Leslie McElwreath, a real estate agent at Sotheby’s International.


Wilmington, DE (Westover Hills) ZIP code: 19807 Median home list price: $890,829

Wilmington, DE<