This Life-Size Barbie DreamHouse Must Be Seen to Be Believed


The Barbie Malibu DreamHouse isn’t just a dollhouse—it’s real! And it will soon be up for rent for a very limited time on Airbnb.

In celebration of the Barbie brand’s 60th anniversary, toy company Mattel has made over a house in Malibu to mimic Barbie’s digs. It’ll be rented out for a mere $60 per night, for just one weekend, Oct. 27–29. The listing will go live at 11 a.m. PDT on Wednesday—so set your clocks, Barbie fans, because this opportunity will get snapped up fast!

What it took to turn this house into the DreamHouse

At first glance, this house truly does look like the Barbie Malibu DreamHouse to a T, with its pink furniture and even a second-story slide connected to the pool.

But the house also has a lot of differences, making it more comfortable for real-life guests. For instance, while Barbie, Ken, and friends may have been happy with just one toilet, these lucky renters will appreciate the house’s two bathrooms and two bedrooms, which can comfortably accommodate four guests.

dream house

Barbie’s most recent home has some amazing features.


If you’re worried that your odds are slim of being the one to kick back in this mansion, don’t worry: Once Mattel’s celebration is over, the house will go back on Airbnb, just without the Barbie garb. And let’s face it—even without that epic purple slide, this Malibu house is still a fantastic getaway.

pink furniture

Barbie’s office (Hey, where’s Ken?)


How much does this real-life DreamHouse actually cost?

So without the Barbie trimmings, how much is this Malibu house actually worth? According to Los Angeles real estate agent Beatrice de Jong, a house of this size in Malibu with its ocean views and infinity pool would be pricey even without Mattel pulling such a stunt.

“Being so close to Malibu Pier means this house is in a prime beach real estate market and likely worth $30 million,” de Jong says.


Barbie’s dream pool looks heavenly!


And this recent Barbie makeover will likely only add to its value.

“The Barbie Malibu DreamHouse was the first home I coveted, and likely responsible for inspiring many little girls to grow up with a love for real estate,” says de Jong. And besides, she jokes, “Barbie is a true entrepreneur, having career experience working as a doctor, fashion model, an astronaut, and virtually everything else. I am excited to see that she is adding Airbnb host to her resume.”

The Barbie DreamHouse through the ages

It’s also interesting to see how Barbie’s DreamHouse (the doll-size version) has gone through many changes over the decades. For instance, the first Barbie DreamHouse came out in 1962—and it was made out of cardboard.

original barbie house

This ’60s version of the Barbie DreamHouse was made of cardboard.


By 1979, Barbie’s home had come a long way, featuring an A-line roof and lots of fun features like flowerpots and working doors.

70s Barbie house

The ’70s version of Barbie’s home is retro-fab!


By 1990, Barbie’s house got a big upgrade, with lights that worked. And while versions of the DreamHouse used a broad range of color palettes, the ’90s edition was all pink, all the time—a signature Barbie look.

The most recent edition (below) features all the comforts of the 21st century, with solar panels, a TV, carport, and elevator.

All we can say is it’s pretty cool to see this epic dollhouse come to life!

dream house

Barbie’s most recent home has some amazing features.


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