Tom Hanks Napped Here: Why He’s Selling His Sofa, and So Much More

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson may be a Hollywood power couple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do normal things—like, say, sell their used furniture.

After all, the actors sold two side-by-side Pacific Palisades properties last year. With much less room to house all their stuff, they needed to downsize their furnishings, too. So they’re auctioning off nearly 50 high-end pieces on the luxury consignment site Viyet.

But don’t be fooled by their secondhand status: These furnishings are priced in the thousands—and while you may be able to pop something into your virtual shopping cart at the listed price, since Viyet is an auction site, a bidding war could drive those numbers even higher.

These jaw-dropping prices are actually no big surprise, explains Alessandra Wood, director of style at home design site Modsy.

“Like the stock market, art and antiques can fluctuate in price year over year,” she says. “You can always expect to pay a bit more for pieces with special provenance, such as those belonging to famous collectors or celebrated public figures.”

OK, so really nice used furniture can become more valuable over time—nonetheless, we’re still a bit surprised that Hanks and Wilson are trying to scratch out some cash by pawning their old stuff. It’s unclear whether any proceeds from this sale will go to charity, and since such info is typically shouted from the rooftops, we’d have to surmise that any profits will line their own pockets (hey, no judgments).

In any case, if you’re interested in adding a touch of Hollywood history to your home or you just want to see where Hanks has napped, check out some of the more noteworthy items in this glorified tag sale—and the stories behind them—and find out whether interior designers think they’re worth the splurge.

Secretary desk, $5,000

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson furniture

Rita Wilson’s hand-painted desk


Hanks and Wilson previously adorned their bedroom with this secretary desk.

“I kept all my personalized stationery in here and used the drawers to store it in boxes,” Wilson told Architectural Digest.

Not only are the desk’s numerous cubbies a great place to store letters, but the piece also lives up to its $5,000 price tag, says Drew Henry, founder of Designer Dudes. The desk was crafted and hand-painted in Italy, and its hinged writing surface is lined in gold taffeta.

“It’s a really high-quality piece,” he says. “I also think there’s something romantic about sitting down to write letters at an antique desk.”

Wood inlay dining table, $6,595

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson furniture

Dining table with wood inlay was one of Wilson’s favorite pieces.


This custom-made, round dining table comes with a scratch or two, but, according to Wilson, that’s what makes it so hard to part with.

The couple celebrated birthdays, dinner parties, and family gatherings around this table, which Wilson believes gives it positive energy, explaining, “I hope someone will have joyous moments around this table.”

The table is one of the more expensive pieces for sale, and its quality craftsmanship is worth the high price tag, says Wood.

“The $6,500 price tag is definitely taking its previous owners into account,” she notes. “However, one would expect to pay at least that price for a similar table new.”

Small, rustic chairs, $75

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson furniture

Rustic chairs with distressed white paint


If Wilson’s beloved dining table and Italian desk are too pricey for your budget, the couple are also selling far more affordable items, including a set of Little Folk Art Inc. chairs. The small, rustic chairs covered in a distressed white paint are priced at only $75, which is affordable even outside Hollywood.

Venetian mirror, $2,975

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson furniture

A mirror crafted by Venetian artists


Hanks and Wilson’s mirror was crafted by glass artisans in Venice, and the antique’s gold features and etched details make it a versatile piece, according to Henry.

“It can be incorporated into a lot of styles, from traditional to regal to boho to even modern,” he says. “The lines are really great.”

That said, Henry believes the price is a bit steep. “A good mirror is expensive, but it shouldn’t break the bank,” he adds.

Still, the fact that Hollywood royalty have stared into its depths could make this mirror worth it for the right buyer.

Modern sofa, $5,595

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson furniture

Hanks and Wilson took naps on this Donghia sofa.


This modern sofa, crafted by luxury furnisher Donghia, is where Hanks and Wilson kicked back.

“Many a good nap was taken on these couches,” Wilson told People magazine. “They were from our living room. I love how chic they are. These seem to be timeless.”

Damask slipcover dining chairs, $1,595

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson furniture

Dining chairs custom-made for Wilson and Hanks


If you want a seat at Wilson’s dinner table, consider this set of dining chairs. Custom-made for the actress, the chairs are covered in a vibrant gold and gray slipcover. As dining chairs tend to be an expensive purchase, Henry declares this set of four is reasonably priced.

However, he notes the dated design of the chairs “remind me of my mom’s dining room in the early 2000s.”

Italian painted dresser, $3,675

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson furniture

Wilson’s antique hand-painted dresser


Like most secondhand pieces, this antique dresser has some wear and tear, including scratches around the keyholes and a large chip on the front edge. The five-drawer dresser is made from hardwood with soft corners and features hand-painted farm scenes.

Similar pieces were crafted as far back as the 18th century, which alone justifies this price, adds Wood. Plus, the exquisite artistry makes this dresser a fitting addition to any European-inspired room.

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