We’re Living for These Viral Listing Photos of a Unicorn and T. Rex: Here’s Why


As silly as it may seem, donning costumes and posing in listing photos is not a new sales tactic. We’ve seen several real estate agents use the clever gimmick to have their listing go viral in the hopes of landing a buyer. (Remember the panda and the dinosaur?) And, truth be told, we’ll never not be interested in a story like this; we always have so many questions! How did you get the seller on board? Why did you choose this costume? And, of course, have you had any offers on the house?

So you can imagine our delight when we happened upon the latest listing photos charade featuring a unicorn and a dinosaur. The inflatable pair appear to be living in domestic bliss in a four-bed, two-bath home in Lexington, KY. They’re doing yardwork. They’re watching TV. They’re even doing their business in the bathroom. These strategically posed creatures actually do a great job of highlighting the home’s best features, including new flooring and stainless-steel appliances.

That’s one form of curb appeal.


Do not disturb!


To get the story behind these lighthearted photos, we tracked down the real estate agent and property owner, Lynn Keyland. She listed her family’s 2,100-square-foot home for $195,000 and knew including these wacky pictures could be one way to generate buzz.

“With the real estate market in my area being stronger than years past, I definitely wanted to make my home stand out,” she says.

Two of Keyland’s children also wanted to get in on the fun, but feeling protective of their image, she thought dressing them up was a safer move. So she chose the costumes and called her photographer, Christina Leadingham.

“The unicorn, named Lollipop, is my 12-year-old daughter Venessa, and the T. rex, aka King Rex, is my son David, who is 10,” Keyland explains.

Have buyers come knocking?

To Keyland’s delight, her cheeky photos caught the eye of numerous publications—and home shoppers.

“My first open house was the busiest I’ve ever hosted,” she says.

Her second open house was also a success, with a steady flow of potential buyers, including some who weren’t even looking at homes in this price range—or in Kentucky. Several people have also told her they’re considering making an offer.

“What I’ve learned is that the photos are getting people talking, regardless of whether the comments are good or bad,” Keyland says. “So, while one person may have something negative to say and not be interested, someone else may feel differently and have an interest in my home. At the end of the day, all sellers need is just one buyer.”

Though the home is still on the market and a serious buyer hasn’t come around yet, one thing is for certain: Keyland likes the idea of doing something fun for her next listing.

“In fact, my oldest son, Noah, has already received his Batman costume,” she says. “We’d love to use it for the next home seller who will allow me the opportunity to do something a little outside the box to try to sell their home fast.”

King Rex enjoys his showers.


Lollipop is baking up something sweet.


You know the neighborhood is safe when a dinosaur is keeping watch.


Don’t those new hardwood floors look great?


Even dinosaurs need to practice self-care.


King Rex is clearly in shock over the “Game of Thrones” finale.


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